vivo X90 and iQOO 11: top camera with a special chip

vivo v2

Each new generation of top of the range, as in the case of vivo X90 e Article 11, we see new technologies introduced: in addition to chipset and , the attention is always great for the camera. Every time a flagship has to go out, one wonders what will be new in its photographic sector. And when it comes to vivo, for some time now the Asian company has decided to create a Proprietary ISP which aims to raise the bar in the multimedia field.

vivo V2: The next-gen ISP will be on board the vivo X90 and iQOO 11

According to the latest rumors, the series vivo X90 and iQOO 11 should welcome the unreleased vivo V2, the new evolution of the proprietary chip that vivo use Qualcomm or MediaTek instead of ISP. For the uninitiated, the ISP consists of a processor dedicated to managing the multimedia flow; having a dedicated one means having a tailor-made chip to bring out the best in photos and videos.

vivo v1 plus official image chipset isp features 3
Vivo V1 +

However, the rumors are still sparse and do not let us know what will change for the camera vivo X90 and iQOO 11 with this one vivo V2. Recall that the current vivo V1 + it is a 4nm chip and carries with it different features to improve the shots; vivo it is not the only one to have created such a chip, as demonstrated by OPPO with HusbandSilicon X and from Xiaomi col C2 appears. However, it is rumored that the semiconductor crisis is hitting again and is therefore postponing launch programs. Not by chance, vivo X80 Pro + has been canceled and in its place we will have a vivo X90 Pro + that it would aspire to become one of the best camera phones around.

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