Twitter tests a new share button on WhatsApp, but something is not right

Twitter new sharing button whatsapp test

Twitter want to make the sharing a tweet on WhatsApp even more immediate. For this reason, the Social team has announced that they are testing a new share button which will replace the current one, but ...

Twitter is testing a new share button on WhatsApp

Twitter new sharing button whatsapp test

Il new share button on WhatsApp is currently being tested in India for users who own a device Android. Its implementation aims to make sharing a tweet on WhatsApp faster, although at the moment there seems to be a bit of confusion. The new share button, in fact, it merely replaces the existing one with a simple WhatsApp icon, while maintaining the same procedure. After clicking on the icon, therefore, it will be necessary to click again on the WhatsApp option from the sharing menu, which makes everything very redundant.

Share a tweet on WhatsApp it's already very simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on the icon of sharing (it is necessary that the tweet that you want to share is public) and then choose WhatsApp from the menu that will open;
  • If you are logged in to WhatsApp, the Twitter app will close and the WhatsApp app will open;
  • Il tweet is shared in the form of screenshot accompanied byURL. Once shared with an individual or within a group, people can click on the URL to be redirected to the Twitter app and join the thread.

Meanwhile, you know that Twitter is testing another feature as well? This is a new button that will allow you to edit a tweet after it was published. Go read the our dedicated article to know more!

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