The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners | Ranking September 2022

best robot vacuum cleaners

Here is our ranking of best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners. Below you will find the most convenient models in terms of quality / price ratio. We remind you that, since these are products subject to offers, prices and availability vary over time.

Last update: September 2022

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The best robot vacuum cleaners

Dreame D10 Plus

Dreame Bot D10 Plus

Robot vacuum cleaners with emptying docks are now on the agenda and prices are getting more and more greedy. Dreame D10 Plus is the solution for those aiming for a complete product, with an eye on the wallet. Automatic emptying, precise multi-plan mapping, 4.000 PA of power and up to 170 minutes of autonomy (5.200 mAh of battery). The controls via Alexa and Google are inevitable!


Why buy Dreame D10 Plus? Obviously because it is a Dreame product: quality and power at a super price!


Yeedi Mop Station

The robot Yeedi Mop Station it is among the most popular products of the brand (also by us, as you will see from the review below) for its efficient performance. The device is accompanied by a emptying dock and is equipped with the function of self-cleaning: in this way the brushes are always ready for a new session! The robot offers a suction power of 2500 PA and autonomy up to 180 minutes; app controls and voice commands make the puzlia experience even smarter!


Why buy Yeedi Mop Station? The 2-in-1 robot sucks and washes, all with maximum independence thanks to the included emptying dock. A super ally for house cleaning, now discounted at € 499 on Amazon (redeeming the € 150 Coupon on the product page)!

Neabot N2

Neabot NoMo N2 | Amazon

Neabot N2 it is an accessible solution accompanied by a practical dock for self-cleaning: it is one of the most interesting robot vacuum cleaners in its price range. It vacuums and washes floors, offers a power of 2.700 PA, is able to map intelligently and quickly via laser (with technology LiDAR LDS 8.0) and offers maximum safety thanks to the anti-fall detection sensors. Obviously the controls via app and Alexa are a must have to complete the picture!

Why buy Neabot N2? A super value for money for an efficient and docked vacuum cleaner!


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S

xiaomi robot vacuum mop 2 ultra pro 2s

The recent Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S it is the "little one" of the latest series of vacuum cleaner robots launched in Italy. It is an economical model but which nevertheless does not miss anything: we have a power of 2.200 PA, a battery of 2.60 mAh, the function of scrubbers, LDS technology and advanced mapping in real time. Also in this case there is no lack of compatibility with Alexa and Google.

Why buy Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S? It is a Xiaomi-branded robot, with all the guarantees that Lei Jun's company has accustomed us to!


Ecovacs Deebot T9

Ecovacs Deebot T9

Ecovacs Deebot T9 is an uncompromising robot vacuum cleaner: it is a model accompanied by an emptying dock and equipped with a 5.200 mAh battery capable of offering up to 200 minutes of cleaning, at a power of 3.000 PA. AIVI 3D technology allows you to map the environment precisely and avoid obstacles in a timely manner.

Why buy Ecovacs Deebot T9? The robot is available with a discount of 120 €: certainly an excellent opportunity!


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