Soundcore Space Q45 review: high quality, but much CHEAPER than its competitors!

soundcore space q45 headphones

The over-ear headphones sector is a particular sector because there are so many conflicting opinions because the subjective factor very often comes into play, linked precisely to the quality of the audio. The over-ear headphones, however, do not have as many players in circulation as the in-ear ones, which is why trying new models is always interesting and comfortable.

The new model that came into my hands is the one produced by Soundcore, the company that is part of the Anker group (which you will surely have seen several times around on Amazon), lo Space Q45 which in the name reminds a little of the QuietComfort 45 from Bose, but in practice they are obviously two completely different products.

Soundcore Space Q45 Review

Content of the package

In sales box of the Soundcore Space Q45 the company has added:

  • Headphones
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Aux cable for connecting headphones via cable
  • Hard case for carrying headphones
  • manuals for quick instructions

Design and Materials

new Soundcore Space Q45 they are made in an impeccable way: when I picked them up for the first time and put them on, I didn't really have in mind what kind of product they were, and above all how much they really cost. The feel is gorgeous because the sides are made of opaque plastic to the touch and well finished, while the headband top has a black satin finish, which goes well with the rest of the design of the headphones.

soundcore space q45 headphones

Internally the company has opted for a sponge lining for the upper part of the headband, the same finish that was chosen for the pads that guarantee an excellent fit and comfort on a par with much more expensive headphones. The headband, of course, is adjustable and is suitable for practically anyone: I take the liberty of saying this because I have a fairly important head, and if I found them comfortable, I deduce that many others will find them comfortable.

They are probably not the best, however, for those with a very small head: in that case you might consider them too heavy and bulky, you should aim for something more "pocket".

soundcore space q45 headphones

La finishing of the auricles, externally, it recalls that already seen on Apple's Airpods Max: beautiful painting of this dark gray and beautiful finishes of the brand on the outside. THE controls they are all present physical, and not touch-sensitive: there is a button for switching on, a volume rocker (which, with a long press, also allows you to change the music track), a button for noise cancellation settings and a Play / Pause .

Among the available inputs, however, Anker has focused on a USB-C connector for recharging the integrated battery and a 3.5mm jac to be able to use the headphones via cable in case they are discharged or we use them on devices without Bluetooth.

Audio quality and ANC

First of all, as usual, I start with the technicalities: Soundcore Space Q45 come with two 40mm dynamic drivers which offer an answer in ffrequency from 20Hz to 40KHz, compatibility with Bluetooth 5.3 Multipoint, and support for AAC, SBC, LDAC codecs. Support is excluded to the AptX, but the introduction of LDAC brings these headphones to a certainly higher market segment.

soundcore space q45 headphones

As for the sound quality, due clarifications and distinctions must be made: these Soundcore Space Q45 when used without ANC they are exceptional, as long as you have selected the right equalization and above all suitable for the songs you are listening to. The speech changes a bit with the ANC that muffles the sound a bit and limits the frequencies a bit, especially the higher ones that are already a bit tied up in the background on this model.

Why yes, these Soundcore Space Q45 are excellent in terms of bass (preferably with the BassUp disabled in the settings on the app), but a little less on the highs that do not stand out that much and certainly remain more neutral. When you activate the Soundcore BassUp, however, the bass is distorted a little and you lose that roundness and "softness" of the traditional bass that these headphones are able to reproduce.

soundcore space q45 headphones

If you listen to videos where the voice is predominant, this will be warmer than other headphones, no doubt. As for the functioning of the ANC, however, I must say that it works well but I have not been able to use it for more than half an hour, but nevertheless I will not make a defect of it: it is a completely subjective question, because in itself these headphones have good noise cancellation, not on par with top of the range by Bose obviously, but it is also true that they cost definitely half.

For daily use, however, my advice is to use the "Normal" mode and to use the actual cancellation only when it is strictly necessary.


Le Soundcore Space Q45 have autonomy guaranteed of around 50 hours with noise cancellation and about 65 without ANC active, but I must say that in practice I found quite important differences depending on the playback volume and above all according to the chosen codec which, in case it should be LDAC, drastically reduces the duration battery up to about 40 real hours.

soundcore space q45 headphones

However, these are, in any case, very good parameters that in any case allow you to use the headphones for a few days without necessarily having to recharge them after some prolonged use.

App on Smartphone

The application of Soundcore is available for free on both iOS and Android and offers a large number of possibilities to make the user experience more personal. The interface is very simple: at the first start you will almost certainly have to update the firmware of the headphones, a procedure that lasts a few minutes, and after which you will have the possibility to select the noise cancellation profile (which is however feasible via the button physical), access the safety area that automatically lowers the volume if we exceed the dB set and above all the sound equalization.

Luckily, more and more manufacturers have understood the importance of the equalizer for a pair of headphones, which can very often completely change the judgment. However Soundcore has integrated over a large number of preset for equalization also a Custom EQ to be able to create personal equalization profiles. There are, then, other possibilities for customizing the headphones, but they are secondary and not strictly related to sound quality.

The two integrated microphones on the two sides of the headphones are exceptional as few: indoors the audio is clear and perfect, the quality drops a little in case of strong external noise, but I would say that the final result is certainly promoted.

Price and Considerations

The sore point, undoubtedly, lies in the price because these Soundcore Space Q45 they cost 150 euros on Amazon, an important figure but not so much if we consider the slice of the market it seeks to conquer: as important as the figure may seem, in practice I can tell you that these Soundcore headphones sound good, have no latency problems and are perfectly equalizable through the proprietary application.

The most demanding users, therefore, will have bread for their teeth and will be able to have fun with these headphones, keeping the cost down compared to other decidedly more expensive competitors; what didn't convince me 100%? Noise cancellation, but on the other hand, if not on top of the range products, it is difficult to see and experience super noise cancellation.

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