Proscenic F20 Review: VACUUM, WASH and DRY in one step even STURBED DIRT!

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

I must admit: when I received this new one on trial Proscenic F20 I was a bit perplexed, above all because it was the first time I tried a product of this type capable of vacuuming the dirt, washing and drying everything in one step at the same time; of course, there are robots that have been doing it for some time now, but this one F20 is the first "broom" that comes into my hands with all these features integrated.

I am a traditionalist, and to be honest I prefer the practicality of a broom like this to the robot that does "all by itself", because however good they may be, there are always aspects that are neglected in an automatic cleaning. Proscenic F20 it was a great surprise, and I think it will stay in my living room for quite a while.

Proscenic F20 review

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Content of the package

Inside the sales package of the Proscenic F20 we can find:

  • Proscenic F20
  • Wall charger with EU plug
  • A spare roller
  • A mop for cleaning the vacuum cleaner
  • A replacement filter
  • Instruction manuals and warranty
  • 1 liter of floor cleaning detergent

Design and Materials

Far from the horrible design of some products already seen in the past with similar functions, the new F20 from Proscenic stands out for a style slender and slender, given the decidedly compact size compared to the competition. The shape is that of a classic “electric broom”, but the company has been able to integrate in such a way poco bulky and flashy the two tanks of 1L each, for clean water and dirt.

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

Yes, you got it right: the container for dirty water and for the "solid" dirt sucked from your floor it is the same, and although in theory there is a sort of divider between the solid and liquid residues, in practice you will find yourself in front of a mix in the same tank, not a serious problem but perhaps the company could have improved this aspect.

Otherwise Proscenic F20 is equipped with two motorized wheels which make your work much easier when you find yourself on slightly rougher surfaces, especially since the weight of the scrubber dryer is not so low, well 5KG that in the case of very large apartments they can become annoying; however the two wheels do their job in an exceptional way and, indeed, when working in "Max" mode it is almost difficult to keep up with them.

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

As for the use, however, it is all extremely intuitive why Proscenic F20 it is controlled entirely via three buttons: the first is the fundamental, it is used to turn it on and off, then there is a second button that allows you to switch between the various compatible cleaning modes, and then there is a third and last one in the upper part of the handle that allows you to start the car wash procedure of the roller when the broom is correctly inserted in the charging station.

In this regard, this procedure is to say the least poco exceptional because it relieves us from the annoying operation of cleaning the roller; at the end of the operation, which lasts approximately a couple of minutes, a procedure is also started sanitation by UV, also lasting a few minutes. The only operation to be performed manually, in this case, is to dry the roller and the charging base which may have small residues of water. An interesting gem is that the entire cleaning procedure does not release odors of any kind thanks to the Proscenic Odor-Free system which allows odors to be retained inside without letting them escape.

The Proscenic F20 also owns one LED screen (not touchscreen) which contains all the information necessary for the correct use of the floor cleaner; over the percentage of charge, which is shown in the center of the display, it is possible to check in which working mode you are, if we are connected to Wi-Fi, if one of the two tanks needs our intervention and so on.

Suction power and washing quality

As I told you poco ago, the use of this product is truly unique and even if you are not the least expert, you can become one in ten minutes. Among the preliminary operations to be carried out before starting to clean your home there is only to fill the clean water tank with capacity of 1LT; in the sales package the company includes 1 liter of non-foaming detergent (exceptional and with a very good fragrance, to my taste) to be diluted with proportions 1: 100 (10ml in 1lt of water), which can be very useful not only in cleaning but also in the brush rinsing phase.

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

Once this is done, we are ready to go: as I told you, this one Proscenic F20 it is one of those do-it-all products, because it will take care of vacuuming the dirt on your floor, washing it and drying it. And no, don't make strange thoughts about how long it takes to do all this: just one step is enough, two for the most fussy and for the shiny surfaces on which halos may remain (against the light) if you want to remove stains. very greasy or oily (like mayonnaise in my tests, for example).

And for the first time I can tell you that the results convinced me, at the first try: usually automatic robots tend a little to "mess" the floor with substances such as mayonnaise, but in this case even in the joints between one tile and the other there was no trace of mayonnaise, not even wanting to find them at all costs.

The beauty is that, thanks to the infrared sensors present, the Proscenic F20 is able to automatically identify what dirt it is and, when we work in Smart mode, it is itself that decides how much water to use and how much suction power is needed, thus safeguarding both the battery and the water tank. it is handled better and not wasted where the dirt is not exaggerated. Just to give you two technical data, Proscenic F20 is able to develop a suction power up to 15KPa with an absorption maximum of 150W.

In all this in the same step, let's not forget that the floor cleaner has already dried everything, but on this procedure, perhaps the results could have been better: let's be clear, drying is good but not perfect, so it takes an extra couple of minutes to total drying.

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

Furthermore, the structure of the rotating brush and its housing favors the cleaning of even narrower corners, but obviously with two passages (crossing) and not just with one; Furthermore, a small negative aspect lies in the angle of inclination of the scrubber dryer which is somewhat limited due to the presence of the wheels behind it and which prevents cleaning, for example, under a bed or under some types of tables.

App on Smartphone

Proscenic F20, as you may have guessed, it is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows it to interact with the smartphone and a dedicated application. Unlike the apps that we usually see on various robot vacuum cleaners, in this case the features are a little more limited for obvious reasons.

Logically, the app allows you to update the firmware of the scrubber dryer, view the state of wear of the various components, remotely start the car wash and, above all, set the Italian language for the voice assistant that reproduces all the various commands, alerts and working mode during use.

Battery life

The Proscenic F20 battery is a 4000 mAh lithium unit and manages to guarantee up to 45 minutes of autonomy using the broom in smart mode, while it does not exceed 27-30 minutes when we use it at maximum power.

proscenic vacuum cleaner f20 review

The recharge times of this battery are around 4 hours, but in case you need to clean larger spaces Proscenic has thought of the alternative; if you have two batteries, you can recharge them at the same time using the special slot at the foot of the charging base while the other is conveniently attached to the floor cleaner. This lengthens the charging times a bit, but with two batteries you will surely be covered to wash an apartment of over 300sqm in smart mode.

Price and Considerations

The list price of the Proscenic F20 is 369 euros, a figure absolutely in the market average and on a par with other competitors. However, a promotion is currently available on Amazon that saves you € 30 (not counting Prime shipping). All you have to do is click on "Apply Coupon" present immediately below the price, on the product page.

Below you will find the link to the purchase: do not forget to redeem the coupon (until sold out). If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Apply the Coupon -30 € directly on the page

Prime Shipping

More Less

Pros and cons? Pros, many: the tank capacity is excellent, the roller self-cleaning system is good and the washing quality offered even with the most stubborn dirt is amazing. The cons? Perhaps the poor angle of inclination, but otherwise I find it difficult to think of anything else.

Design and Materials
Suction power
Quality of washing
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