OPPO Reno 8 Series is among the protagonists of Milan Fashion Week: in style!

OPPO Reno 8 Series

This is the week of one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world and a brand like OPPO could only be among the protagonists. We are talking about a brand that focuses on style like no other, able to create some of the most fascinating models on the square (just think of the range Find X5). The latest devices of the OPPO Reno 8 Series paraded on the catwalk as technological jewels to embellish the outfits of the spring-summer 2023 collection di Marco Rambaldi!

The OPPO Reno 8 Series becomes a dress and takes to the Milan Fashion Week catwalk

OPPO Reno 8 Series

For the second consecutive year, one of the most talented new generation designers on the Italian scene sees in OPPO an exceptional partner. The new collection signed by Marco Rambaldi is a hymn to creativity and innovation and blends fashion, style and technology.

The new smartphones from OPPO Reno 8 Series parade in the new setting of the Portello park together with the clothing: the devices are conceived as design object e best complement some outfits of the collection, giving shine and refinement with their colors.

OPPO Reno 8 Series

The brand is the spokesperson for the values ​​of inclusion e diversity, the same as the new collection: two apparently distinct worlds, united by style and the continuous search for innovation.

“We are all part of the technological revolution that is overwhelming us, we just have to embrace it. Using devices for a new way of creating and imagining alternative scenarios through them. We tried to dress our crochet screens, windows on an increasingly pressing present, which should scream inclusiveness and kindness " commented the designer Marco Rambaldi.

“We are happy to renew this year's collaboration with Marco Rambaldi, who was able to blend the devices of our Reno series with the garments of the collection in a harmonious and refined way, making them the protagonists of a unique show. What unites us to Marco's style and work comes from the idea that in OPPO technology is an art form, it is pure beauty, just like fashion is. Marco does not just "dress" and "accessorize", but conveys a universal message that breaks down stereotypes and is committed to sustainability, just like in OPPO, where every day we work to innovate and distinguish ourselves by creating devices that meet the taste of our users " he concluded Isabella Lazzini, Chief Marketing Officer OPPO Italy.

OPPO Reno 8 Series

Clothes and technology come together perfectly, on the one hand crafts and crochet (processing technique very dear to the stylist since the beginning of his career) and on the other innovation and technology with the new OPPO Reno 8 Pro and Reno 8 smartphones.

OPPO Reno 8 Series

The terminals they are perfectly set inside the handmade garments and walked the runway completing two looks from the collection: a mini dress and a top with skirt. Each garment, produced exclusively by hand, requires 60 hours of work and celebrates a vision common to the two brands: an idea of ​​beauty, not stereotyped, but linked to our experiences and our values ​​as unique people.

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