ULTIMEA Odine IV review: economical and versatile!

latest bomaker cheap bluetooth soundbar

I am sure that the brand that is the subject of the review of today is not known to you, but if I told you "bomaker"Maybe you will remember some interesting products that we have tried in the past on our pages; well, despite the fact that the Bomaker brand does not appear anywhere here, actually LAST it reflects the products of the other company in detail, even the names of the models and the prices are almost the same.

Today's soundbar is the Odine IV, it is compact, economical (but not the cheapest of all) and rather versatile thanks to the various sources it is equipped with.

Latest Review in Odine IV

Content of the package

La sales package of this soundbar is certainly smaller than usual, simply because it does not have a subwoofer. Inside the box we find:

  • ULTIMEA Odine IV Soundbar;
  • Remote control (no batteries);
  • power supply;
  • RCA cable and Optical cable
  • Wall mounting kit;

Design and Materials

Let's start with the size of the soundbar, so as to immediately clarify whether it is larger or smaller than your TV: it is 85cm long, 7.8cm wide and about 6cm high, and is ideal for approximately 40-43 ″ inches, not more. The soundbar of Last, or of Bomaker it is appropriate to say, it is made entirely of shiny plastic and attracts some dust and fingerprints when used.

latest bomaker cheap bluetooth soundbar

On the front there is the classic aluminum retina that covers the speakers hidden along the surface of the soundbar, while at the top there are four buttons for the control with rubber finishes, not among the most elegant that I have seen on products of this kind. . However, the keys can be used to switch on the soundbar, change source and adjust the volume, while thanks to the supplied remote control you can check many more related details equalization, the available sources, the skip of a song and so on.

latest bomaker cheap bluetooth soundbar

In the sales package, then, the company has provided a special wall fixing kit for the soundbar: behind the latter there are two supports suitable for fixing in plastic but resistant for a solid fixing.

In addition, on the front there is a small display that shows the source in use or indicates the power on status of the soundbar: unfortunately, unlike other soundbars, I was unable to turn off the although on the remote control there is a "Led OFF" button but apparently it did not bring the desired results.


One of the most interesting strengths of this soundbar is in the connectivity sector: the Ultimea Odine IV has, in fact, the audio input optical, a door HDMI Arc, a door USB for connecting sticks with music files, and a more traditional one To for connection to televisions without all other standards. Obviously, the Bluetooth 5.0.

latest bomaker cheap bluetooth soundbar

The switch between the various sources is quite immediate and, with the exception of bluetooth where there is a small delay in the audio transmission, I have not noticed any particular qualitative differences between the various standards. When used on the computer via AUX, of course, I had a greater possibility of controlling the equalization, but removed this aspect the sound is almost unchanged on all sources.

Audio Quality and User Experience

Technically speaking, the Ultimea soundbar is internally equipped with four 25W speakers each with frequency response from 50Hz up to 18Khz, and in addition there are two small cones for simulate the effect of a Bass Reflex, but overall the bass experience wasn't the best I could get.

latest bomaker cheap bluetooth soundbar

Clearly there is no subwoofer and this is felt during use, and what's more, the company was not even smart to insert a small woofer in the part below (as other manufacturers have done) the soundbar, so bass totally not received. Logically through the remote control there is the possibility to adjust the intensity, but do not think you will find yourself in front of an enveloping bass, how much "harder" and dry.

There are various presets available, including Music, Movie, News, Hi-Fi and so on, but the real practical difference I was able to notice when I connected it to the computer and created my preset using the appropriate equalizer. Ok, it is true that on this front I think I am very demanding, but this soundbar is a product that can be recommended to those who have a TV with broken speakers or many poor ones and need to improve the situation, but not to those looking for a system. to give a comfortable sound to your movies.

Price and Considerations

La soundbar of ULTIMEA has a list cost of about 120 euros at the current exchange rate, but thanks to the exclusive discount code that the company has provided you can get 20% savings not only on this model, but also on all others available on their website.


Buy the ULTIMEA soundbar at a 20% discount with our exclusive discount code. 

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€ 98,00
Last updated the 02 / 10 / 2022 23: 54

This is a soundbar that, overall, it is economic but unfortunately it has to deal with the competition that manages to offer 2.1 solutions at the same figures with the integration of a external subwoofer.

Design and Materials
Audio quality and user experience
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