Instagram like Twitter: the Repost function is coming

Instagram like Twitter repost how it works

Soon we will be able to say goodbye to all those applications - often too poco safe and very suspicious - which we downloaded to our smartphone for repost content on Instagram, leaving third parties the privilege of accessing our credentials and personal information. According to the source, in fact, Instagram will start presto a to test a new feature which will allow users to republish posts shared by others on the platform.

Instagram will soon begin testing the new feature of repost

Instagram like Twitter repost how it works

Just like that. Instagram would be working on one new feature that will allow reshare on your profile i posts published by other users, eliminating the need to rely on third-party apps or other alternative methods.

The test will initially be limited to a very small number of people and involves the implementation of a new board repost which will appear next to that of post, reels and photo in which you are, grouping all the contents that have been re-shared on your profile. The option of repost it should be accessible from sharing menu of the post and it may also be possible to add notes prima di repost the content. Additionally, the reposted posts will also contain information related to the account that originally shared the content on Instagram, a sort of credits.

Instagram like Twitter repost how it works

Certainly the success and the constant pursuit of the function of repost on social networks it is due to the "Retweets" of Twitter, which has inspired many other platforms to adopt a similar solution since its debut. Now, therefore, it seems that Instagram is also working to bring this highly sought-after feature to the platform.

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