Google: finding the best carbonara in town will be a breeze with this new feature

Google flat search nearby

How many times, before going to dinner or lunch with friends, have we come out with a very specific idea: tonight I want a beautiful bacon and egg; or again, today I'm more for a vegan soup. But where to eat the best carbonara or vegan soup nearby? Soon, it will be to tell us Google.

Google will make it easier to find dishes we like, and more

Google flat search nearby

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> Google is working on the function of Dishes nearby, which shows the entries of restaurant menus and are found in the neighborhood, in fact, with a lot of image, price and other details that may be relevant to the choice.

The results will be shown in a full screen grid which offers several smart filters such as "Spicy" and "Vegetarian" to direct the search towards more specific results. If you click on a result, the restaurant description for that dish will be shown, as well as Google Maps photos.

Beyond that, Google is also improving the digital menus to make them visually richer and more reliable, with a series of featured images and more precise labeling for vegan and vegetarian dishes. In the future, other items relating to particular diets should be added.

Google flat search nearby

Finally, the Mountain View team also stands improving the shopping experience on Google. If you search for the word "Buy / Shop" followed by the item you want, Google will show a feed of nearby products, search tools, and stores that are somehow related to that particular product.

At the moment, however, it is not yet clear when these new features will be released and if they will be limited to specific markets.

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