Google Pixel Fold: There may be a second folding in the pipeline

Google Pixel fold second folding smartphone leak

The next 6 October the long-awaited event will be held Google during which the new Pixel 7 series smartphones. The focus it's all about the new devices, then, but we know that Big G also has other innovations in the pipeline, including a tablets it's one folding smartphone. One? You wouldn't think so. According to the latest rumors, in fact, there could also be a second foldable Pixel.

Google may have a second foldable Pixel in the works

Google Pixel fold second folding smartphone leak

By analyzing the code of the first version of Android 13Quarterly Platform Release, a developer has identified a number of details on the photo gallery of a Google leaflet.

It could be a second foldable Pixel, as it has completely different characteristics than those identified by the developer some time ago, digging deeply into the Google code. To be clearer, according to rumors, the photographic sector of the first foldable Pixel it may include a main sensor SamsungGN1, a lens ultrawide Sony IMX386, for an IMX363 (probably a telephoto lens) and a IMX355.

This second foldable Pixel, codenamed "Felix“, Instead presents clear references to states folded e open and to both external and internal cameras. The external camera system would comprise three units: a main sensor from 64MP IMX787, a 12MP IMX386 and a telephoto lens from 10,8MP S5K3J1. The internal camera would use an IMX355 sensor from 8MP, while an additional external camera on the front would use a S5K3J1 lens.

Beyond that, the developer also found a number of references to a second high-end Pixel tablet. At the moment, the only detail about it is its codename T6Pro, while the code suggests it is in the early stages of development. We look forward to further news.

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