Android 13 wants to make our life easier and keep work away from privacy

Google Android 13 working profile update

The boundary between vita privata e work it can sometimes be very thin and difficult to maintain. Especially for those who do not have a company device and use it smartphone personnel also to manage work activities. With the Job Profile, Android 13 at least try to come to our rescue, offering us the possibility of set up a real profile, in fact, which groups all the apps and data relating to the professional sphere and separates them from those of private life.

Android 13 improves privacy with the Work Profile

Android 13 is about to receive a new set of enhancements and options for the Job Profile, which aim to provide a smoother experience, simpler interface, and greater productivity, Also including cross-device functionality.

The new features include the possibility of choosing to open an app from your personal or professional profile (in this way, even an app like YouTube it will not take into account searches made with the personal profile when it is started with the work profile). And again, it will be possible to decide between photo galleries work or personal when you want to share an item. And again, currently exclusive to Pixel devices, the smart dictation by Google will arrive on all smartphones with Android 13 ensuring that words used with the work profile are not suggested when you are typing a text message with your personal profile.

Google Android 13 working profile update

A new feature will also come cross device which will allow users to securely access work information on their smartphones and respond from their Chromebook, for example. Finally, Google is also working on new features for the privacy and safety some data. These include an option that allows you to encrypt data traffic when connected to a network Corporate Wi-Fi.

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