Garmin inReach Messenger brings satellite communication into your pocket

Garmin inreach messenger satellite communication

Lately, we've often heard of satellite communication. Especially after the debut of Huawei Mate 50 e iPhone 14, the first smartphones offering such communication technology, particularly useful in emergency situations. Apple and Huawei, however, aren't the only manufacturers active in this area. Garmin, for example, has been in the field for some time already, and has recently launched a new device that allows take advantage of satellite communication regardless of the smartphone used. Let's talk about Garmin in Reach Messenger.

Garmin inReach Messenger is the portable device for communicating via satellite

Garmin inreach messenger satellite communication

Garmin in Reach Messenger bring the satellite communication in everyone's pockets, making this technology more accessible and no longer exclusive to smartphone owners Huawei Series Mate 50 or iPhone 14. It is a practical super compact device that enables satellite communication and that can be taken with you to any place, to get in touch with friends and relatives, as well as with the emergency services, should there be no coverage.

The device features a small display that shows various useful information, such as i incoming messages, quick answers (such as "I arrived", "I am going home") which can be sent and GPS directions. in Reach Messenger has a battery that guarantees up to 28 days of battery life with default settings, and also has a feature that sends a location update every 10 minutes, so that loved ones can keep an eye on the movements and possibly facilitate the emergency services in finding us. 

Garmin inreach messenger satellite communication

The device is then classified IPX7, and can therefore be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. The only flaw is that inReach Messenger is primarily intended for use with a smartphone and other devices Garmin such as smartwatches, palmtops, marine and aeronautical equipment, and in addition to the price requested for the purchase of the device, an additional one must be considered monthly expense to subscribe to the satellite communication service.

Depending on the monthly subscription that you subscribe, a tot. of messages that can be sent using satellite communication technology. Paying $ 65 a month, for example, will give you unlimited messages.

Garmin inreach messenger satellite communication

Even more interesting is the app Garmin Messenger, the instant messaging service thanks to which you can communicate with your contacts using Wi-Fi or 4G / 5G connection when available, or switch to the satellite network automatically when you don't have one or the other.

Your smartphone will need to be connected to inReach Messenger to be able to send and receive satellite messages, and there is also an SOS button that allows you to contact theInternational Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) from Garmin, which operates 24/24 and reach nearby rescue services.

The app can be downloaded to smartphones Android e iOS compatible.

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