EKSA EK3000 review: the mechanical gaming keyboard with an extra gear!

eksa ek3000 keyboard

I'll be honest: I personally have never given so much importance to the keyboard I used for my PC, and this is demonstrated by the fact that until two years ago I was still using an IBM office keyboard, still with the PS2 connector (and its converter to USB), and I found it very convenient and no frills. No RGB, no function keys - nothing at all.

I must admit, however, that over the years my mentality has changed and the keyboards I have tried are quite a lot: after being stabilized with the Logitech MX Keyboard, I always enjoy mechanical keyboards like this one EKSA Ek3000 that came to me recently on trial, and the feedback was more than interesting.

EKSA EK3000 review

Package Contents

In sales package, made entirely of cardboard, we find:

  • Keyboard
  • Instruction and configuration manual
  • USB-A / USB-C cable
  • Bluetooth receiver to connect it to a Windows or Mac PC

Design and Materials

Ok what catches the eye from the first glance are undoubtedly the very small size: Eksa's keyboard weighs about 430grams, it is 314mm wide and high poco more than 100mm, therefore insertable in the travel backpack, without any difficulty. Logically, in such a small size, the numeric keypad and the row of function keys FN above the numeric row are dispensed with, but you quickly get used to it.

eksa ek3000 keyboard

Another important detail is the chromatic gradation of the keys installed on board: the company has divided the various keys into three different colors, using black for the keys as OTHER, CTRL and the like, orange for the backspace, ESC, Enter and the directional arrows while the dark gray color for all the rest of the keys. It might seem like a rather particular combination of colors, and in reality it is: overall, however, thanks to the integrated RGB LEDs, the final visual effect is not really bad, especially if you have a nice dark mat on your desk.

I construction materials, then, they are very respectable because the company has opted for a frame made entirely of metal so when you press the keys there is a feeling of stability and robustness comparable to high-end keyboards of more famous brands. There is no shortage of special increases for those used to holding the keyboard slightly raised, and in addition they are also finished with a non-slip finish that allows the keyboard to remain stationary and fixed in the desired position.

eksa ek3000 keyboard

In the back, however, there is space for the USB-C connector useful for charging the integrated battery from well 3000 mAh, which I was unable to download in my approximately two weeks of testing; on my Mac I was also unable to keep the battery life under control, while on Windows the percentage of remaining battery is correctly displayed.

On the two sides of the keyboard, moreover, the company has integrated two very interesting sliders to optimize space; on the left side, in fact, there is a slider that allows you to adjust the volume of the computer with a limit switch on both sides, while on the right there is another snap slider where the company offers the user the possibility to choose the working mode in which you want to use the keyboard, choosing between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB via cable.

Functionality and experience of use

La EKSA EK3000 supports up to 3 devices connected at the same time, and you can switch between the various devices in the same way as you do with Logitech keyboards via shortcuts, in this case FN + Q / W / E. Having said that, the EKSA keyboard is a 68-key mechanical gaming keyboard, and like any self-respecting keyboard, it stands out for its indescribable comfort and practicality in use, as well as obviously a typing sound that only true nerds will love.

eksa ek3000 keyboard

At the level of comfort of use, I firmly believe that it is a subjective discourse, not only for the habits of use, but also for the size of the hands which in many cases can make the difference; personally I found it a bit more difficult to get used to the first few days as I have quite large hands and with a compact keyboard I find it a bit difficult to be fast in typing, but I asked the opinion of other people in the house with me with much more hands small, and they found the feeling with the EKSA keyboard very comfortable.

The FN key, then, allows you to access functions such as Pause music, scroll lock and the like, but it does not allow for example to open a browser window, play a piece of music or turn off / suspend the computer; many of the functions that could have been integrated have been left out in order to better manage theRGB lighting.

eksa ek3000 keyboard

In this keyboard, in fact, the RGB control it is almost manic: EKSA, in fact, allows you to manually adjust the brightness of the LEDs, also to adjust their rotation speed and to choose from the 15 predefined light effects already available. In short, a keyboard dedicated to true lovers of personalized experiences.

On the other hand, however, there is the layout: ok, it is QWERTY but basically it is not intended for our country and therefore the shortcuts on the keyboard do not correspond to the Italian layout, so if you are that type of user you are looking for the right key on the keyboard corresponding to what you want to type (I am mostly referring to the symbols ), then this is not the right product for you. Otherwise if, like me, you have been using your PC keyboard for a few decades now, and you know the positions of the keys by heart, this will not be a problem for you at all.

Price and Considerations

The EKSA keyboard has a cost around 100 euros, minus some discounts that you can find in the box below. Expensive? Maybe yes, a little more than I would have expected to spend on a keyboard of this kind; Beyond expectations, however, it must be said that Eksa has done an impeccable job because qualitatively we are faced with a product that is 100% valid on all aspects, starting from the construction to the choice of colors and customization of the LED.

It is not suitable for everyone due to the non-Italian layout, but if you know the positions of the keys by heart (and I'm sure you do, otherwise you probably wouldn't have read this review to the end) it will certainly not be a limit.


Buy it now at a discounted price on the official Eksa store 

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Design and Materials
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review-eksa-ek3000Eksa EK3000 is a keyboard for real nerds: if you don't know the position of the keys by heart, forget it because it is not the right product for you.