The new Xiaomi YouPin massager costs poco and gives a warm relief!

xiaomi youpin massage pendant

Xiaomi specializes in a multitude of products and where the parent company does not arrive, one of the partners of YouPin, the famous and reliable crowdfunding platform of the company, certainly arrives. At this turn Xiaomi YouPin presents Smart Hanging Neck, a cheap and perfect gadget to relax: it is a pendant massaging which gives a warm relief to the neck!

Smart Hanging Neck from Xiaomi YouPin: here is the new massaging pendant at a super price

xiaomi youpin massage pendant

YouPin massagers are of everybody crafts e size and in this case it is a light and compact solution to be worn around the neck. The pendant massaging Smart Hanging Neck from Xiaomi YouPin offers various levels of intensity (up to 9, the maximum degree), with 3 different massage options; works through electrostimulation but it is also able to offer warm relaxation.

xiaomi youpin massage pendant

There are, in fact, 3 levels of temperature (from 42/47/52 ° C), for a totally relaxing experience. All without stress since the pendant weighs only 58 grams; the compact size allows you to take it anywhere and the fact that the plates are movable allows you to position them without problems too on other parts of the body (such as around the wrist, on the shoulders or on the games).

xiaomi youpin massage pendant

Il Smart Hanging Neck massage pendant da Xiaomi YouPin is on lightning offer AliExpress complete with free shipping. Are you interesting in this nice gadget from the brand's crowdfunding platform? Then below you will find the link to the product page!

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