Proscenic P10 for less than 90 €: it is the perfect minimum for your cleaning

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Cordless vacuum cleaners there are so many, in every price range, and now there are models for all tastes and budgets. However, if you are aiming for one super accessible solution at a spectacular price the time has come to focus onProscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner, currently on offer at time low su Geekbuying thanks to discount code dedicated, but above all with free shipping from Europe.

Proscenic P10: the wireless vacuum cleaner on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying

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The design of the Proscenic P10, very pleasant in its metallic blue finish, follows the trend of current cyclonic vacuum cleaners. As for the characteristics, we start with a suction power of 22.000 Pa, but also an engine from 260W capable of reaching 110.000 rpm. The battery from 2.000 mAh and guarantees approx 48 minutes continuous cleaning with a single charge.

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The suction action can be adjusted up to 4 speed, all adjustable via the touch screen on the top. The roller brush is also flexible and rotating at 90 ° and you can get almost anywhere, but just anywhere thanks to its multiple functions with the various dedicated accessories. The HEPA filter integrated is then easily washable with water. The noise then does not exceed the 80 dB.

proscenic p10 discount code offers coupon

Il price area of Proscenic P10 it's really tempting, given that thanks to the Geekbuying discount code it drops to an all-time low: a great opportunity, especially with shipping from Europe. Below you will find the link to the purchase and the Coupon to use. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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