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The cycling market in recent times has grown exponentially, above all thanks to the electrical component. More and more eye-catching models arrive on the market and electric bike models are not exempt Bezior M1 e M2, which are back on offer on Geekbuying, with the M1 at a new all-time low, with discount code it is comfortable shipping from Europe for free.

Bezior M1 and M2 discount code: how to save on electric bikes on offer

discount code bezior m1 m2 electric bike coupon offer
Bezior M2

When we look at the Bezior, we are faced with two different eBike philosophies. There M1 uses a more mountain bike structure, with a more elongated design and wheels with a wider spoke and reinforced tires. Turning to the technical specifications, we have for the M1 an engine from 250W, which can easily reach 25 km / h, a battery from 48V 12.5 Ah, 5 mode transmission SHIMANO, a 5 ″ display to monitor pedaling, a spotlight, mechanical disc brake and IP54 certification.

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Bezior M1

Then looking at the model Bezior M2, here we have a bike with more connotations street, more designed for the classic city ride. However, this does not prevent this medium from being powerful enough to guarantee excellent performance. The technical specifications are basically very similar with the M1, in which it differs in the type of tyres, less suitable for out-of-town rides but for a more premium body.

Find both electric bikes Bezior M1, this at a new all-time low, e M2 on offer on Geekbuying, this is because both are obtainable thanks to the discount code dedicated and which become very interesting thanks to shipping from Europe for free.

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Shipping from EUROPE

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