BlitzWolf BW-S25 review: recharge everything from the comfort of your desk

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Whether you are at work or at home, the amount of electronic devices to recharge or charge has actually become vast. But if you do not want to use many chargers or in any case a shoe, you can refer to a a charger desk like the BlitzWolf BW-S25, protagonist of ours review: will they have convinced us of its potential?

BlitzWolf BW-S25 Review | battery charger

Package Contents

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The packaging ofBlitzWolf BW-S25 charging hub in review it is rather sparse, but there is a very specific reason: except for the power cord and the stand to keep it (very useful), all you need is on the product, so you don't need anything else besides the manuals.

Design and materials

Very nice to see, despite being a multiple charger, it comes with the power input on the rear, while on the front there are well 3 USB-C ports e 3 USB-A ports, each with a peculiarity of charging. Very well used the polycarbonate, which is divided into opaque on the back and glossy in the door area. Nice the Blue LED which turns on once we charge a device.

Experience of use

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So how is the charging power distributed? The three USB-C ports carry a maximum power of 75W, which, however, can be fully exploited by a single port, therefore with the charger uncluttered. Otherwise, it is distributed according to the needs of the device. The door USB-A central instead has a maximum of 60W, while the other two have a maximum of 10W, for less demanding devices.

Considering the support for PPS standards, PD 3.0 e QuickCharge 3.0, we were able to charge a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 13 and an Apple Watch 3 together without any problems and all three charged at the speed that a single charger would guarantee. The fact of having this possibility of recharging has allowed us to have a clear desk and with all the electrical comforts, we are satisfied.

BlitzWolf BW-S25 Review - Price and Conclusions

How to conclude, therefore, this review of the desktop charger BlitzWolf BW-S25? To understand a bit how to frame it, you have to start from the price. Buying it on Banggood at a price around 30-35 €, you take home a complete and functional hub for work, study or simply daily needs and therefore should definitely be preferred to the purchase of various single chargers that can represent a footprint even in case of transport. NB If you do not see the link correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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