Best Wireless Earbuds | Ranking September 2022

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With the transition to Bluetooth 5.2, for some time now, there has been a breakthrough in the use of Bluetooth headphones and, more generally, of wire less earphones. At the same time, it had excellent results TWS technology (True Wireless) which, if at first it was the prerogative of more expensive products, over time has been offered at increasingly lower prices, up to touch also €10.

At present, in fact, thanks to companies such as Xiaomi it has been possible to optimize the quality / price ratio. Precisely for this reason - given the enormous amount of products on sale - it has become increasingly difficult to find best Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds. The buying guide in question aims to present a selection of the best wireless headphones for different price ranges.

Best Bluetooth Headphones & Wireless Earbuds | September 2022

Our buying guide on True Wire less earphones is based on the best products tested in review by our staff and who, at the same time, find a comparison between the daily offers that we present on Telegram channel. In any case, therefore, these are the best solutions for value for money.

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The best TWS earphones between € 20 and € 50 (with ANC and without)

oppo enco buds

Let's start our overview of the best TWS earphones starting with those from cheaper quality / price ratio: in this range we aim for medium-sized products, offered at affordable prices. The ANC does not always find space, unless it is higher-end headphones at a discounted price. However, in this section you will find perfect solutions to not spend too much, but still aiming for well-known brands and performing products.

For the month of September 2022 we have chosen Realm Buds Q2S, OPPO Enco Buds e Black Shark Lucifer T4. In all three models we have an in-ear fit and compact size: we start from a pair of basic earphones and then go up a step with OPPO and start gaming with the Black Shark TWS.

The best TWS earphones between € 50 and € 100 (with ANC and without)

huawei freebuds 4i update 1-9-0-138

La band top brings with it various improvements both in terms of style and functionality. Active noise cancellation becomes practically a must have and we find a more attentive eye to elegance: for some brands it is essential while others prefer more sporty looks (but no less beautiful!).

This month we decided to go for true wireless earphones Redmi Buds 3 Pro, Huawei FreeBuds 4i e Mobvoi EarBuds ANC. All models are equipped with ANC; the Xiaomi headphones have a capsule body while the other two have a tapered stem. The wearability is in-ear with rubber pads of various sizes directly in the package.

The best TWS earphones above 100 € (with ANC and without)

honor earbuds 3 pro official italy features price 2

We conclude our overview of the best true wireless earbuds of the month with a series of models top: the price goes up, but obviously the quality points to the stars. The differences are noticeable both in terms of audio quality and noise cancellation, Bluetooth improves as well as the rest of the features. This section is only for those who aim high and are not afraid to spend a little more (although there are still discounts and opportunities).

This month we mention the latest ones Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro: these are the best of the brand when it comes to TWS earphones, with 40 dB adaptive ANC, LHDC 4.0 support, BT 5.2 with Dual Device and wireless charging. Another interesting model are the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro by Anker, especially when on sale.

We close with the Honor EarBuds 3 Pro, TWS premium headphones dedicated to those who aim to the maximum: equipped with an ergonomic and elegant design, they host a double coaxial driver for powerful bass and crystal clear highs. Active adaptive noise cancellation (up to ben 46 dB) automatically recognizes the scenario e intelligently adjusts the ANC (between Ultra, Comfort, General or in Call modes). Thanks to the 5C fast charge, 5 minutes of charging will be enough for 2 hours of music playback. Beautiful, stylish and complete!



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