Xiaomi: Themes app banned from the Play Store, how to solve

xiaomi ban themes play store

Like a bolt from the blue, users Xiaomi are reporting a big problem for theThemes app, for a few hours banned from the Play Store. As you well know, MIUI is full of proprietary apps designed to expand the daily experience of smartphones: one of these is that of Themes, useful for graphically customizing the interface. One of the main advantages of MIUI is the huge database of Themes that users can use, not to mention the possibility of installing third party themes.

Upgrade 18 / 08: Xiaomi releases a press release to explain the situation. Find all the details at the end of the article.

Play Store bans Xiaomi's MIUI Themes app for security issues

It is not the first time for Xiaomi that the Themes app has been blocked: perhaps some will remember that the app was banned in 2018 and we had to wait for 2020 for its restoration. This time the ban comes directly from the Google Play Store: for a few hours, some users have been reporting that the Play Protect security scan returns the message "Your device is at risk". According to Google's Safeguard platform, Xiaomi's Themes app would try to bypass android security protection.

xiaomi ban themes play store

At the same time, for some users (including myself) the problem does not arise: even by performing a manual scan via Play Protect, the Temi app pre-installed in MIUI is not revealed as dangerous. It may be that it is only a false positive and that the Xiaomi app is detected as harmful in an anomalous way, but it is still early to say for sure.

How to fix the ban of the Xiaomi Themes app

It is possible that Xiaomi is already working on a corrective update; in the meantime, you can overcome the block with the following temporary fix: go to "Settings / Apps / App Management", Click on the 3 dots at the top right and select"Reset app preferences“; then press and hold the Google Play Store icon, click on "App information"And select"Delete dati". If the Play Protect system continues to send you the notification, open the Play Store, click on the avatar icon at the top right, select Play Protect, click on the settings gear at the top right and disable the item "Analyze apps with Play Protect".

Official statement | Update 18/08

As Xiaomi explains, the software development team worked alongside the Google team to identify the cause of the problem and fix it. Here is the official press release:

"Google Play Protect frequently adds rules to detect new types of abuse in Android applications. During a recent rules update, Google Play Protect incorrectly reported the Xiaomi Theme Manager application (Themes). This problem is now solved."

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