Xiaomi presents its humanoid robot: it can perceive emotions and recognize environments

xiaomi cyberone humanoid bionic robot

At the annual event Xiaomi, the technology giant not only raised the curtain on many tech products, but it also showed something truly stunning. We are talking about CyberOne, or his first humanoid bionic robot.

Here is CyberOne, Xiaomi's first humanoid bionic robot

xiaomi cyberone humanoid bionic robot

CyberOne is the first humanoid bionic robot developed by Xiaomi, the result of years of study, research and experimentation of a territory that still needs to be explored - that of intelligent robotics, in fact.

CyberOne is a tall robot of 177 cm and weighs 52 kg. can he walk, to fall e lift, to grab objects e carry them. The robot uses a variety of intelligent technologies and algorithms that allow it to perceive and distinguish between over forty different emotions e recognize more than eighty environmental scenarios. All of these technologies were self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab, such as that related to the control of the robotic body, which can coordinate the movement of 21 joints. And the visual spatial system MiSense, which can reconstruct the real world in 3D.

Of course, this is only the first of many efforts Xiaomi will continue to undertake in the future to make its robot even more intelligent and capable, and the company itself has reported that CyberOne work every day in order to learn new skills. The tech giant is convinced that smart robots will become part of people's lives. Therefore, it will continue to invest in software, hardware and technologies smart to be applied in this field.

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