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xiaomi android 12 poco f1 redmi note 5 redmi note 8 redmi s2

We already know such as smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi e POCO will update to Android 12, but the list is missing a series of famous but now dated models. I am referring to super-sold models such as POCO F1, Redmi Note 5 e Redmi S2, but also the most recent Redmi Note 8 e 8T. All smartphones released between 2018 and 2019 and therefore outside the circle of models for which the MIUI team will continue to update the Android version. But how not to mention Xiaomi Mi A1, dating back to 2017 and part of the now abandoned Android One project. A project that aimed to simplify the life of companies like Xiaomi: smartphones with Android stock to be kept updated for longer. Too bad that Xiaomi with Android One software have encountered more model update problems with MIUI.

There is an article of mine which analyzes the state of the Android market, giving a clearer view of which Android brand is tending to update Android for longer. Among the various companies, Xiaomi is deserving but not the best, especially when it comes to medium / low-end smartphones. In this respect, Samsung manages to do better, but Xiaomi also seems to be progressively improving.

Last updated: August 2022

Android 12 becomes reality on old Xiaomi models thanks to the world of modding

The fact remains that the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi A1, POCO F1, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T, Redmi Note 5 and Redmi S2 will not update to Android 12. Or at least not officially, but today we are not here to talk about these. Quite the contrary: if these smartphones can already update to the latest version of the green robot it is thanks to the world of modding. Ever since Google released the source code, Android 12 is being rolled out by various third-party developers to build Custom ROM for numerous smartphones.

xiaomi android 12 models update

To date, there are already several Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO able to upgrade to Android 12, as long as you compromise with modding. Being a custom ROM, the update procedure is certainly not within everyone's reach, but certainly the most geeks will be delighted. If you have one of the smartphones listed, especially those for which there is no more software support and perhaps out of warranty, you can try it yourself.

Just remember that you must have done so to install them unlocking the bootloader and installed a TWRP custom recovery to flash the custom ROM. For each smartphone and its ROM you will find a dedicated thread, with installation guide, bugs, testimonials and so on.

PatternsROM typeDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11Pixel Experience 12.1Download
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GPixelOS 12.1Download
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 4GArrowOS 12.0Download
Xiaomi Mi 10Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
Descending 12Download
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5Gevolution XDownload
Pixel ExperienceDownload
LineageOS 18.1Download
Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro (Redmi K30S)ArrowOS 12.0Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
Descending 12Download
Xiaomi Mi 10t Lite (Redmi Note 9 Pro 5g)Pixel Experience 12Download
Xiaomi Mi 9ArrowOS 12.0Download
Descending 12Download
Xiaomi Mi 9 SEXtended XSDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9T (Redmi K20)evolution XDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro)AOSP 12.0Download
Xiaomi Mi 8Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
LineageOS 19.1Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro / Explorer EditionParanoid Android SapphireDownload
LineageOS 19.1Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 SEPixel Experience 12Download
Descending 12Download
Xiaomi Mi 6LineageOS 19Download
Xiaomi Mi 5AospExtended 9.0Download
Xiaomi MiNote 10/10 ProArrowOS 12.0Download
Xiaomi MiNote 10 LiteKang OS 3.0Download
Xiaomi MIX 4Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3xdroidsp 2.0Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5GPixel Experience 12Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2evolution XDownload
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2SParanoid Android SapphireDownload
Pixel Experience 12Download
Xiaomi Mi A2Pixel Experience 12Download
Xiaomi Mi A2 LiteArrowOS 12.0Download
Xiaomi Mi A1AOSP 12.0Download
LineageOS 18.1Download
Xiaomi Mi MaxLineageOS 19.0Download
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4/4 PlusLineageOS 19.0Download
Redmi K30 (POCO X2)POSP 5.0Download
Redmi K30 5GArrowOS 12.0Download
Redmi Note 10Flow 2.0Download
Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro MaxAOSP 12.0Download
Redmi Notes 9SProject Elixir 1.0Download
Descending 12Download
Redmi Note 9TStatesXOS 5.0Download
Notes redmi 9 ProDescending 12Download
Project Elixir 1.0Download
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxDescending 12Download
Project Elixir 1.0Download
Redmi Note 8 / 8TAOSP 12.0Download
Notes redmi 8 ProLineageOS 19.0Download
Redmi Note 7 / 7SWeeb ProjectDownload
Notes redmi 7 ProProject Elixir 1.0Download
Descending 12Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
Notes redmi 6 ProProject Elixir 1.0Download
Redmi Note 5 (Redmi 5 Plus)ArrowOS 12.0Download
Notes redmi 5 ProLineageOS 19.0Download
Redmi Note 4LineageOS 19.1Download
redmi 9LineageOS 19.0Download
redmi 9TPixel Extended 12Download
Redmi 9A / 9CProject ArcanaDownload
redmi 7VoltageOS 1.1Download
Redmi 8 / 8A / 8A Dual / ProProject ArcanaDownload
Redmi 7AProject ArcanaDownload
RedMix 6 / 6ACipherOS 2.5Download
Redmi 6 ProPixel Experience 12Download
redmi 5LineageOS 19.0Download
redmi 2LineageOS 19.1Download
redmi 1SLineageOS 19.0Download
Redmi S2 / Y2AOSP 12.0Download
POCO F3 (Redmi K40)Arrow OS 12.0Download
Descending 12Download
POCO F3 GT (Redmi K40 Gaming)AospExtended 9.0Download
POCO F2 Pro (Redmi K30 Pro)Pixel Experience 12Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
Descending 12Download
POCO F1AospExtended 9.0Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
POCO X3 / X3 NFCAOSP 12.0Download
Descending 12Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
POCO X3 ProArrowOS 12.0Download
Descending 12Download
Paranoid Android SapphireDownload
POCO X2 (Redmi K30)POSP 5.0Download
POCO M3Pixel Extended 12Download
POCO M2LineageOS 19.0Download
POCO M2 ProDescending 12Download
Project Elixir 1.0Download
POCO C3Project ArcanaDownload
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