Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4: Samsung's move to increase sales

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Fold 4 screen repair cost

Samsung announced the new ones yesterday Galaxy z flip 4 e fold 4. Despite the numerous advances in terms of design and resistance, these smartphones continue to be offered at a very high price, While the fragility of the foldable screen is one of the main factors that concern consumers most. Aware of all this, the Korean giant is now promoting one new sales strategy of his last foldable, which passes through Costi di screen repair much more sustainable.

Lower repair costs to encourage the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4

For some it may not be relevant, but considering the fragility proper to folding smartphones, know you can count on a screen replacement and repair service more accessible from an economic point of view could be a first step towards a greater diffusion of foldable, representing an attractive aspect for users.

If you think about it, a folding already costs double or triple the price of a common smartphone. Samsung Galaxy ZFold 4 e 4 Flip were launched with a list price starting from € 1.879 and € 1.149 respectively. Knowing that, in the event that the smartphone screen were to break, the repair would cost us two hundred and more euros, could discourage the act of purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Fold 4 screen repair cost

At least in the United States, Samsung decided to make the repair costs of the screen Galaxy z fold 4 e 4 Flip more affordable. Now, the monthly subscription to the service Care + from 11 $ offers the possibility to repair the smartphone with only $29, versus the $ 249 required to repair an out-of-warranty Z Flip / Fold.

Of course, this could be a marginal aspect for some, also because the high cost of sale and the fragility of the screen continue to represent the main limitations of folding smartphones in general, but it still represents a small attempt by Samsung to promote the purchase of his new ones foldable.

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