Realme Watch 3 Review: The mid-range of smartwatches has been rewritten

realme watch 3 cover review

One of the features that many find most comfortable in a smartwatch is that of being able to answer calls directly from your wrist. Too bad, however, that this possibility was only given to premium or at least higher-end devices. Until today. This because Realme watch 3, protagonist of ours review, has significantly lowered the price threshold at which it is possible to find Bluetooth calls: but will it be enough to promote it in everything?

Realme Watch 3 Review

Package Contents

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La package of Realme watch 3 in review it is very simple, it does not exceed in flashiness, but it has practically everything you need. In addition to the watch, there are manuals and the charging cable with proprietary magnetic attachment. We can say that yes, this is actually enough.

Design, materials and displays

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The Gray / Silver color that we had on test is sincerely particular, as it finds one polished case nice to see, than with the strap almost sugar paper gray in color it takes on a certain elegance. Perhaps the lower part of the case is out of place, since it is in black. We would have preferred a matching color to the strap, at least. Coupons i materials: silicone for the strap, very soft and comfortable, as is also good thealuminum painted case, which therefore gives a certain quality to the context.

From here we then come to the display. The chosen panel, slightly curved at the sides and from 1.8", it is quite wide, although the bezels are asymmetrical. Considering that you cannot expect too much from the proposed price, we still find ourselves a beauty LCD screen which also turns out to be very bright, when we set the maximum. In short, we liked it.

Smart functions and user experience

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So we come to the use of this smartwatch, which is the focus of the review. We assume that it must be set by the application Realme link, always very complete, from where to set Realme Watch 3 to be able to access all its intelligent functions. Before talking about these, we should applaud the brand for having brought the Bluetooth 5.3 first on smartwatches. This guarantees the device a more stable and more concrete connection.

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Returning to smart functions, it is impossible not to start from Bluetooth calls. In fact, it is possible to receive and carry them out, thanks to numeric keypad, but what convinced us is the quality of the call. The AI ​​algorithm of noise reduction it gives us a clean audio and above all they hear us well, which is absolutely not to be underestimated. For the rest, the monitoring of vital functions such as heartbeat (Live), SpO2 (oxygen in the blood), stress e sonno they are all quite loyal. Not bad also the management of notifications, complete with icons and emojis.


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The autonomy of the Realme watch 3. The guaranteed 7 days of use are absolutely respected, regardless of whether you use it by making calls via Bluetooth. This is certainly important in terms of reliability.

Realme Watch 3 Review - Price and Conclusions

So what to say by closing this review of the latest Realme smartwatch? To be honest, if we want to start from how much it costs, we are quite satisfied with how the brand has played with the quality / price ratio of the Realme watch 3. Indeed, with €69.99 on the official store, on which it will be available shortly and also on Amazon, it is possible to take home a very reliable product, which certainly also puts some smartwatches one step above behind and which allows us to have a faithful ally on the wrist. In short, if you wanted to spend a lot but have a substantially complete device, this could definitely be for you. NB If you do not see the link correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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