Realme aims to reduce smartphones, but is it possible?

realme smartphone catalog reduction

The good work of Realme in 2022 it is quite obvious, as the project has already seen many smartphone interesting both for the Global market than that Chinese. However, the brand would like to refine its catalog, reducing the models by raising the quality, but is it really possible?

Realme with fewer but better smartphones: how feasible is it?

realme smartphone catalog reduction 2

To speak, a little in the round but we will focus on the focus of the article, of the brand's smartphone catalog Xu Qi Chase, Vice President of Realme and President of the Chinese division. The executive reveals a Sina Technology (the tech division of Weibo's owning giant) that the industry has undergone a reduction in sales and this could be right there saturation of the market.

In fact, Chase admits that having a "sea ​​of ​​machines”(Analogy to explain that there are countless models) is no longer a sustainable strategy for many brands, which could end up in crisis. That said, he introduces what are the goals on the part of Realme, which intends to narrow down the modeling field in the near future. How? Going to bring a top model for each price range by introducing new technologies for each.

realme smartphone catalog reduction 3

But is this really possible for Realme? The speech is simpler in relation to the Chinese market rather than the Global one. In fact, in China the brand now has 4 series of smartphones, that is GT, Neo (now independent), V e Q as well as four are those from us (GT, Number, C series and Narzo), but the request and needs are quite different. In China it is certainly easier to be able to make a single model or a maximum of two per series, while especially in India, it is necessary to diversify more.

What is certain is that if Realme succeeds in this operation, it could take on an even greater credibility towards users, who surely have by now full awareness of what an OPPO startup can offer that has taken very interesting numbers.

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