Realme, still surveys on folding: we talk about displays

realme foldable smartphone user survey

It's been months since Realme he talked about his folding smartphone, also showing something more to the fans, but from then on, there was a silence on the subject seasoned with various presentations. But now that the period is full of foldable on the market, the brand has awakened and asked users for the opinions of a possible device of this type.

Upgrade 19 / 08: Realme keeps asking its users what could be the ideal features for a leaflet. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

Will Realme's folding be more like OPPO Find N or Galaxy Z Flip 4? The brand aims at a top price

realme foldable smartphone user survey 2

To ask for an opinion on the first foldable of Realme è Wang Wei Derek, Vice President of the brand in China. The executive recently stated that he had tested various folding smartphones, probably of multiple types of form factors, announcing that he had had different experiences of use.

To this, in addition to asking if users would buy a folding smartphone as the main device, he wonders about the folding mode. Put simply, it asks about preferences foldable like a book or flip phone with clamshell and this makes us reflect on the possibility of a leaflet of this type by Realme. Finally, he asks if a compact like OPPO Find N, or a large-screen model such as Huawei Mate Xs 2.

In short, the meat to be cooked is there and it is no longer hidden, moreover it seems that Realme even wants to lower the price threshold by launching a leaflet with a price no higher than about. €600 at the exchange, which would actually be a turning point.

Realme is still asking fans for advice, this time on display | Update 19/08

realme foldable smartphone user survey 19/08

Realme does not seem to want to stop its smartphone surveys folding. In fact, the President of the China division asked his users on Weibo what the ideal display for a foldable. Although the answers are more or less vague, it is clear that the brand wants to make the real leap in quality, thus reaching the level of the "greats", something that even up until last year seemed difficult.

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