Razer preparing to say goodbye to smartphones?

rack phone 2

Entering the smartphone market is a feat to say the least poco arduous, even for such an established giant of technology Razer. You may remember that in 2017 the well-known videogame peripheral manufacturer decided to debut with its Razer Phone range. It was the dawn of the gaming smartphone category, at a time when it was not yet clear what their evolution would be. Since then, brands like ASUS ROG, Red Magic, Lenovo Legion e Black Shark they continued to push the market; on the contrary, we have not heard of any Razer smartphone since 2018.

Razer smartphones have disappeared from circulation, and could be forever

To tell the truth, already in 2020 there were rumors of a possible Razer Phone 3, on which the company had actually worked, complete with photos that prove the existence of an alleged prototype. Razer Phone 3 took up the aesthetic style of the previous models, with the iconic rear RGB logo, but it never materialized, remaining in the prototype phase.

rack phone 3

But why are we talking about it, after 2 years? Why Razer officially announced the closing of the Theme Store, the theme store installed on their smartphones. Those who own a Razer Phone or a Razer Phone 2 will be able to continue downloading them by August 24, after which time they will no longer be accessible. A small consolation, because Razer makes it known that only the applied theme will be kept, while all the others will be deleted; after which it will be possible to download the official wallpapers from the dedicated website (some of which are present on the Theme Store).

It is a great shame for Razer smartphone owners, especially for video game lovers, as many themes were in collaboration with video game IPs such as Tekken, Dying Light and others. More generally, this news could be the prelude to what could become a real general closure of the mobile division by Razer. Since his acquisition of Nextbit, Razer has struggled to establish itself in a highly competitive sector such as that of smartphones, moreover by entering the gaming phone niche, where even a giant such as Xiaomi struggles with its Black Shark.

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