POCO X4 Pro 5G updates to MIUI 13 and Android 12 | Download

poco x4 pro 5g miui 13 android 12

The MIUI 13 update roadmap is about to be completed with Android 12, now coming up POCO X4Pro 5G. We are talking about one of the various smartphones that Xiaomi launched at the beginning of 2022 with the latest MIUI 13 but still based on Android 11. As well as the Redmi Note 11 family, now the major Android update is coming, thus also bringing the home model POCO to the latest version of the green robot.

The MIUI 13 update based on Android 12 is coming up POCO X4Pro 5G

Here, then, that POCO X4 Pro 5G is updating to the MIUI 13 Global with Android 12, in its version V13.0.2.0.SKCMIXM. But this is not the final update yet, but the version Stable Beta, intended for Mi Pilot beta testers. If no noteworthy bugs are found, then the ROM itself will be released publicly; in the meantime, you can manually download and install the update (at your own risk):

Download MIUI 13 and Android 12 for POCO X4Pro 5G

MIUI 13 - Changelog

  • Main news
    • New - Camera privacy for facial recognition and protective watermarks for images
    • New - Introduction of comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanisms
    • New - Brand new Mi Sans system font for better readability
    • New - "Crystallization" Super Wallpapers
    • New - A new widget ecosystem with app support and customization options
    • New - Mi AI can now be fully customized
    • New - New features to perform uninterrupted tasks on multiple connected devices
  • Basic improvements
    • Optimization - Responsive for the whole system and for the most popular third-party apps
    • Optimization - The home screen is now much smoother and more responsive
    • Stable MIUI based on Android 12
  • Mi Smart Hub
    • New - Tablets can connect to portable hotspot with a single tap
    • New - Phones and tablets now have a shared clipboard, copy items to one device and paste them to the other
    • New - There is now an option to take a photo with the phone's camera
    • New - The handoff is now seamless between Xiaomi phones and tablets where the same Mi account is used
    • New - Apps can be seamlessly transferred between phones and tablets
    • New - Verification codes received on a phone can now be pasted onto a tablet
    • New - Photos taken with a phone can be instantly viewed on a tablet
  • Privacy protection
    • New - You can add protective watermarks as a pattern that appears on the entire image protecting it from unauthorized use
    • New - Introduction of comprehensive fraud protection mechanisms including alerts, official labels and transaction protections
    • New - Incognito mode restricts camera, microphone and location permissions
    • New - Secure entry protects all text entered
    • New - The privacy camera shows your face and masks the rest of the image only when facial recognition is required
  • System font
    • New - You can add protective watermarks as a pattern that appears on the entire image protecting it from unauthorized use
  • widget
    • New - A new ecosystem of widgets offers many elements that can make the Home screen more informative
    • New - Beautiful new widgets for system and third-party apps
    • New - Many customizable widgets, including different clocks, signatures and stickers
  • Mi AI voice assistant
    • New - The Mi AI avatar, stamp and controls can be fully customized
  • More features and improvements
    • New - Apps can be opened as floating windows directly from the sidebar
    • New - Recognition of ambient sound in Mi Ditto
    • Optimization - Voice controls are now better recognized in Accessibility mode
    • Optimization - Improved accessibility support for phone, clock, weather and themes
    • Optimization - Privacy protection, safe web browsing and better feed
    • Optimization - Mind Map Nodes are now more comfortable and intuitive
    • Optimization - The Wallet app looks much better now
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