OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5G review: style lesson (and battery)

For years now, with some exceptions, OPPO's Reno series has been the brand's mid-range proposal. An attempt with which the company tries to propose devices with a premium design and good technical specifications, sold at much more affordable figures than its top of the range.

And it is precisely from the OPPO Find X5 Pro (here the review) than the new OPPO Reno 8 Pro inherits some design features, but not only. The new smartphone of the brand brings with it a design that follows the rounded lines of the camera bump already seen a few months ago in its top of the range of 2022, but it is also the first of the series to see integrated the MariSiliconX, a proprietary NPU dedicated to the image which was given the task of processing the data captured by Sony's new sensors.

And the point is this, with our tests on OPPO Reno 7 Pro (here the review) we came to the conclusion that the brand had made too many compromises necessary to justify the design and the rather high price, so the question arises: has the new generation improved things?

On paper, it seems so.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro review: style lesson (and BATTERY)

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Design and materials

Remember the square design with the camera bump that integrated an RGB LED as large as the surface and the bright colors of the Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5G? Well, forget them, because the concept followed by the design of OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is very similar to what we started to know with the Find X series, but with a novelty that - for my taste - makes it even more beautiful: it is a flat smartphone, the display is not curved, the side frame is clear and squared. And these are all features that I appreciate.

And if we add to these characteristics that it weighs 183 grams, has a thickness of 7.34 mm and both the back cover and the large rear bump chamber are made with a single molded glass, we immediately come to the conclusion that we are talking about one of the medium finest range in the market.

The frame is made of aluminum and has rounded edges which, if the smartphone had been slightly more compact, would have guaranteed an even better grip. Let me be clear, even with these conditions OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is used quite comfortably, but it is practically impossible even to think of using it with one hand: in a nutshell it is almost as high as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (here the review), and actually it is not among the most comfortable smartphones to use especially for those with small hands.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

But one thing is certain: the touch and feel of OPPO Reno 8 Pro it's fantastic, and the premium feel of the device is also found in the haptic vibration system which, even set to maximum, always returns clean feedback without any weird noises.

The power button and the volume buttons are positioned individually on both sides of the smartphone and are not only easily accessible, but have a very satisfying pressing mechanism. In the lower frame there is a single USB-C port that is flanked by the typical speaker that is used for hands-free: to guarantee stereo audio instead, OPPO Reno 8 Pro uses the ear capsule as a second speaker.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

In short, whether you hate it or love it, the design and materials of OPPO Reno 8 Pro they make it look like a top-of-the-range device built to contend with the most expensive smartphones on the market.


The whole front of OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is occupied by a giant 6.7 ”AMOLED display and very thin bezels which is, without a doubt, one of my favorite features of this smartphone. It is a panel capable of reaching a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz and which, like the back cover, is protected by a Gorilla Glass 5, but it is important to keep in mind that it is not an LTPO: in a nutshell, it does not manage a variable refresh rate, and can only be set to 60 HZ or 120 Hz.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

And, a little advice for anyone who buys the smartphone: my advice is to immediately set it to 120 Hz because, as we will see, the battery life is impressive and it would make no sense to lower the refresh rate to save energy.

However, despite the FullHD + resolution which brings the pixel density per inch to 394 ppi, its peak brightness makes it perfectly visible even in direct light conditions, especially when the "Bright HDR mode" option is activated, which automatically increases brightness whenever HDR video is played.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

In terms of quality, it is useless to go around it: it is an excellent panel, both in terms of contrast and color rendering, with which the brand has also done an excellent job in optimizing the frames: they are very thin and almost perfectly symmetrical. Too bad that the lower one is even slightly thicker than the upper one, but it is a difference in thickness that only a patient like me would notice.

The sampling frequency of the touch is also good, which with its 360 Hz is certainly not the fastest on the market, but which is sufficient to guarantee fluid and reactive interactions with all the graphic elements displayed.

Hardware and Performance

The most attentive will know that the Reno 8 series was already presented in China a few months ago (here the deepening), but the brand decided to use a different strategy in the West. In reality OPPO Reno 8 Pro in its Global version, it is very different from the Chinese one and is in fact a Reno 8 Pro +: it can be seen from the fact that it does not integrate a Snapdragon 7, but uses a Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Max, which is flanked by 12 GB of RAM memory LPDDR5 type and 256 GB of internal UFS 3.1 memory.

Now, for those unfamiliar with this SoC, it is a good processor that guarantees sufficient performance even for the most demanding users, but which is characterized by another feature, which I will talk about later.

In essence, the Mediatek SoC is able to guarantee scores in Single-Core very similar to those we have seen with the Snapdragon 870, while in Multi-Core it can also reach the levels of some smartphones animated by the Snapdragon 8 Gen. 1. Not is the most powerful processor on the market, poco but safe, but manages to guarantee theOPPO Reno 8 Pro excellent performances that manage all daily activities very well.

However, as you will notice from the AnTuTu Stress Test graph, it is a SoC that has proved to be quite sensitive to temperatures. Under long sessions of stress the smartphone tends to heat up, but the excellent dissipation system is able to transfer the heat to the outside: in a nutshell, the smartphone gets hot but the increase in internal temperatures is not exaggerated. Which is good, and it means that dissipation does its job.

The point is that, despite the excellent heat management, in the test I noticed that in 15 minutes of high processor load, the frequencies of the CPU cores are often "castrated" by the system and the overall performance of the processor is very fluctuating, with negative peaks that even reach 40% and an average of around 60%.

In essence, OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is a smartphone with which, for example, you can play PUGB or CoD Mobile with maximum settings and maximum framerate, but in which thermal throttling enters the field after long gaming sessions, which lowers the framerate by a few points. Let's be clear though, it's nothing particularly significant because yes, I noticed some slight, very slight drops in framerate, but we're talking about 90 FPS suddenly dropping to around 70 FPS, so the whole experience continues to be fluid.

And the little importance of these drops in framerate can also be seen (and above all) in the 3DMark stress test, where a detail was highlighted that I have hardly seen in other smartphones, even higher-end ones: the test was completed with a crazy stability, 99.5%. And it's an impressive result, especially considering that some smartphones in the same price range can't even complete the test.

The audio in the capsule is very good, as well as the stereophonic effect generated also thanks to the ear capsule which guarantees a good spatial effect and well-balanced tones which, however, the company should have optimized better in terms of volume management: unfortunately it happens that the lower speaker emits a noticeably louder sound than the ear capsule. Also good connection to the cellular network and WiFi networks.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

What is less good, however, is the IP certification: OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is not a smartphone that can be immersed in water without care, but it is only IP54 certified. And that's a real shame. However, it is true that the Reno 7 Pro did not have any IP certification, so a little effort the brand did.


As for cameras, there are 2 good news and one bad news. The first good news is that OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is the first of the series to integrate the MariSilicon X, the NPU that owns the brand that we also greatly appreciated in the Find X5 Pro and which was given the task of processing the data captured by the cameras and carrying out all the activities related to artificial intelligence. And, without going around it too much, its presence is especially noticeable in terms of shutter speed and image processing and effects.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

The second good news is that the main camera uses a 766 megapixel Sony IMX50 sensor which, also thanks to an f / 1.8 lens, guarantees excellent quality shots both in good lighting conditions and at night. saturation perhaps too accentuated by the AI, but as you will notice from the samples (which were taken in cloudy sky conditions, rather complex to manage even for HDR) the captured images are rich in detail, with excellent management of the dynamic range and virtually zero noise.

Also good are the night shots of the main camera which, of course, do not retain the same quality as those taken during the day, but which are still of a good standard and definitely pleasant to look at both on the device screen and on a larger display. What has left me rather perplexed, however, is the invasiveness of the software that manages the camera in activating the night mode: in particular dark conditions, OPPO Reno 8 Pro activates this mode forcibly, even if you disable the AI ​​functions and the only way to avoid it is to shoot in pro mode.

And now we come to the bad news: the ultra-wide camera using a Sony IMX355 sensor with a 112-degree field of wiev is not at all consistent with the main one. Ok, we are used to seeing smartphones in which the quality of the secondary cameras is lower than the main one, and it is something that unfortunately we also find in the top of the range, but in OPPO Reno 8 Pro this qualitative inconsistency is very marked indeed.

Maybe because the main one is of really good quality, but the photos taken with the ultra wide angle, albeit of good quality in sufficient light conditions, are all characterized by a totally different color management than those taken with the main one, and it is really a pity also because I am convinced that it is a discrepancy that it would be possible to correct in poco via software, using the MariSilicon X.

Then things get worse at night. In OPPO Reno 8 Pro it is possible to shoot with the night mode with all the lenses, including using the digital zoom, but personally I would have avoided allowing these shots with the ultra-wide angle: in very low light conditions, the shots taken with the ultra-wide lose many details and produce a lot of noise.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

Then there is a marco camera, which to me honestly continues to seem like a useless choice, to which I would have undoubtedly preferred a telephoto lens even if not too pushed, which however is able to take good close-up photos, well balanced in color and with many details.

Finally, a note on the front camera: it uses a 709 megapixel Sony IMX32 sensor, which has been completely redesigned with a brand new RGBW pixel matrix that contains additional white pixels not present in traditional RGGB sensors. This allows you to get 60% more light, for more detailed and less noisy photos: during shooting it may seem that the smartphone is not able to peck the right exposure but then, after processing the photo, the results are very good.

The videos are good, but they can be recorded at the maximum resolution 4K at 30 fps, but which guarantee a good management of the dynamic range even when using the ultra-wide. At night, then, the quality does not drop and it is possible to obtain good results even in low light conditions, but having to give up one thing: the stabilization which, at night, is much less effective.


Much of the snappy performance of the OPPO Reno 8 Pro are also due to the optimization of the ColorOS that personalizes Android 12. Now, the fact that OPPO was the first company to introduce Android 13 with the ColorOS 13 and that this Reno is still sold with Android 12 is justified by the fact that the smartphone is was presented in China a few months ago, but I would have liked to see an extra effort from the brand, also because there is no definite news on the upgrade to the new version of Android which, the company assures, will arrive.

In any case, whether you hate it or love it, ColorOS is one of those GUIs where customizations are deep, but never aesthetically invasive, and which introduces features that would otherwise not be found in Android Stock. With ColorOS the management of floating windows continues to be very simple and customization is possible in practically every detail of the interface.

Sure, there continues to be some excess bloatware, but most of these can be uninstalled without a problem and the company has guaranteed that OPPO Reno 8 Pro will receive two major Android upgrades and 4 security updates.

In short, I know that not everyone makes ColorOS crazy and actually I'm not a big fan of very invasive GUIs either, but I must say that those of OPPO have managed to find the right balance, guaranteeing smooth and pleasant animations to see, and totally eliminating any slowdown or lag.


As for battery, we are talking about a 4500 mAh which in such a smartphone might seem underpowered but which thanks to the MediaTek processor guarantees exceptional autonomy. Remember that when I was talking about the hardware I pointed out that the SoC used in OPPO Reno 8 Pro did it have an outstanding feature? Well, it's energy management.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

With OPPO Reno 8 Pro I managed to reach the 8 hours of display on, with a medium-high brightness and the screen set at a fixed 120 Hz. And that's a great result, especially considering it's a huge and very bright panel. Of course, this autonomy is also due to the fact that, as we have seen, the performance of the processor is often limited by the system, but one thing is certain: with OPPO Reno 8 Pro a person who uses the smartphone in a "human" way could reach 2 days without problems.

The wired charging is an 80w SuperBOOC, with which you can recharge 50% of the battery in 11 minutes with the charger that comes out of the package and which is assisted by the Battery Health Engine, with which the company guarantees that the battery will remain integrates to 80% of its original capacity even after 1600 charging cycles.

However though, as do most of the devices we've seen in this price range, too OPPO Reno 8 Pro it does not integrate any wireless charging system and here, unfortunately, I have to repeat myself: such a smartphone, which has a launch price that is not exactly cheap, a wireless charging system deserves it. Sin.

Price and considerations

The selling price of OPPO Reno 8 Pro is 799,99 euros and the first users who buy it will be entitled to a very interesting bundle: by purchasing the smartphone, you will receive the OPPO Enco X2 True Wireless earphones, an OPPO Watch Free, and a cover as a gift. And it is useless to go around it, it is a considerable amount for a device that, yes, is able to combine very solid hardware with a premium design, but in which the brand has had to introduce some sacrifices.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5g review features camera display hardware battery price offer discount coupon italy

Ok, the market in this 2022 is very particular, and the increase in component prices is really incisive even in the selling prices of consumer electronics devices, but at this price I would have liked to see a device that in addition to an excellent display, with premium materials and excellent autonomy, had also been equipped with a wierless charging system and, perhaps, with an optical zoom and more consistent cameras.

In my dream world, made up of magical fairies and more humane prices, the right price of OPPO Reno 8 Pro it would have been at least 100 euros lower. But we live in strange and difficult times.

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As a GIFT you receive the cover and the Enco Free2!

Product sold and shipped from the official OPPO store

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As a GIFT you receive the cover, the Enco X2 and the Watch Free!

Product sold and shipped from the official OPPO store

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