The OPPO Reno 8 series promises top photos with dual Sony and MariSilicon X sensors

oppo reno 8 series

Recently the Chinese company has unveiled the presentation date (for Europe and Italy) of the new members of the series OPPO Reno 8 and waiting for the launch event has seen fit to raise the curtain on the photographic sector of the upcoming models. Obviously we can expect great things both for the main compartment and for the selfie camera side.

OPPO Reno 8 5G and OPPO Reno 8 Pro: what to expect from the photographic sector

oppo reno 8 series
Reno 8 Pro

A few days after the debut, OPPO confirms various details on the new Reno range. First, we now have the certainty: it will be two models, namely OPPO Reno 8 5G and the elder brother OPPO Reno 8 Pro (just as happened for the market Overseas hubs). Both the basic and higher version will rely on Sony sensors: IMX709 for the front camera and IMX766 for the back one.

oppo reno 8 series

Jointly developed by OPPO and Sony, the IMX709 (32 MP) has been completely redesigned with a brand new RGBW pixel matrix that contains additional white pixels not found in traditional RGBW sensors. This allows you to get 60% more light, for more detailed and less noisy photos. Furthermore, thanks to the5-element wide angle lens with auto focus, is capable of taking clearer selfies than ever. Users can also take close-up selfies thanks to the built-in 2X function.

oppo reno 8 series

The IMX766 (50 MP), on the other hand, features a large 1 / 1,56-inch sensor with integrated DOL-HDR technology and All Pixel omnidirectional PDAF. Together, these properties guarantee one better shooting experience through the main camera, with an extended dynamic range and strong preservation of original colors and details even in low light conditions, especially when shooting video.

We also have another great news: OPPO Reno 8 Pro sees the debut in the series of the NPU proprietress HusbandSilicon X, a solution so far present only in the top models of the brand. It is a dedicated imaging NPU, which offers both immense computing power and the Low energy consumption required for advanced image processing performance on mobile devices.

oppo reno 8 series
Reno 8 5G

MariSilicon X is built with a state-of-the-art 6nm manufacturing process and features an industry-leading DSA architecture. The combination of these elements forms the basis of its incredible processing capabilities, with which it is able to provide up to 18 trillion operations per second (18 TOPS), making it even more powerful in computing AI than some SoCs of leading the industry and giving it more than enough image processing power to support OPPO's advanced algorithms.

In terms of energy efficiency, MariSilicon X offers the incredible value of 11,6 TOPS per watt, offering high-level performance with low power consumption to enable the acquisition of 4K night videos with crystal clear frames.

oppo reno 8 series
AI will bring you retouching

Thanks to this exceptional computational performance, MariSilicon X can process images in the Bayer RAW domain. Compared to the YUV domain, where traditional video processing takes place, the RAW domain contains richer information to work with for image processing algorithms. In this way, MariSilicon X takes Reno8 Pro videography to a whole new level, offering the ability to record exceptional night video in the modes. 4K Ultra e 4K Ultra HDR.

There is no shortage of other top features such as the Turbo RAW algorithm, the AI ​​Portrai Retouching functionality (for faithful portraits in a wide range of scenarios) and much more. All that remains is to wait for the August 31th to find out all the details!

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