The CEO of OnePlus shows the hinge of a folding: is it the turning point?

oneplus folding zipper oppo details

In a period where leaflets are absolutely the center of attention, news about those of the universe could not be missing OPPO. And if not directly of the main brand, it is talked about with regard to its affiliated brands, as in the case of OnePlus, where the current CEO Pete Lau showed the hinge of a smartphone folding: that the advent of the company's first model is near?

Does the hinge shown by Pete Lau relate to an OPPO or OnePlus folding? All the rumors

What does the CEO di OnePlus e Chief Product Officer di OPPO? He posted on Twitter a photo of a foldable hinge, of the book type or with a horizontal opening, if you prefer. This, of course, considering who it came from, has sparked not a few users regarding speculations on the possible folding of OnePlus, which has been rumored for some time but which has never made a serious turn towards production.

These images, however, do not necessarily imply that it is OnePlus and this is due to the dual role that Pete Lau has in the OPlus universe. In fact, he explains that it is OPPO's hinge Find Women, but the request that Lau makes to users of the Community di OnePlus precisely with regard to the next leaflet, it opens up to many scenarios that ignore the possible Find N Fold and Flip certified in Europe. Therefore, it is very likely that something is brewing.

In short, both OPPO and OnePlus seem ready to become Samsung's most open competitors in the folding challenge, given that, especially Xiaomi, other brands prefer to keep their foldables at home.

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