Here we go again: OnePlus 150T's 10W charging isn't for everyone

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OnePlus 10T, the brand's new top range, is known for having a refill from 150W. All very nice, considering that we can have the smartphone ready in less than 20 minutes. Yet, not everyone can benefit from it, but they will have to be content with "alone" 125W.

OnePlus 10T charges at 125W in the US: here's why

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Although it was not necessary to resort to an official note of the brand as it was for OnePlus 10 Pro, unfortunately not even this time everyone will be able to take advantage of the maximum charging power available for the company's latest flagship. In fact, as it was for the 80W become 65W, In USA OnePlus 10T recharges a 125W and not a 150W. But why does this happen, what pushes to lower the power?

Everything is in the charger that OnePlus packs, since the SuperVOOC da 150W does not support, to date and who knows if it is not forever at this point, the AC power from 110 o 120 volt, which we remember being the power output standard in the North American continent. So what did you choose to do? Not wanting to deprive users of a really fast recharge, we have chosen to optimize a 125W.

Curiosity about it, it would also be a first time for the group OPlus, given that to date, there is no smartphone between OPPO, Realme and precisely OnePlus to be able to use this charging power, although the record belongs to the 150W of the other versions of the 10T (including ours in Italy) and a Realme GT Neo 3. In short, if you are in the United States and want to buy a OnePlus 10T, you know what you are getting into. If, on the other hand, you don't want to give up 150W, we leave you thededicated in-depth study where you can also buy it.

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