Nothing Phone (1) has 900 LEDs but with this app even the selfie cam becomes stylish

Nothing Phone 1

You have chosen NothingPhone (1) as your new smartphone and are you excited about the possibilities offered by the Glyph Interface? What if we told you that thanks to a simple application it is also possible to make the punch hole that encloses the front camera stylish? The solution is called Energy Ring and now it gains support for the first smartphone of Nothing, the newborn brand of the former OnePlus Carl Pei.

Nothing Phone's punch hole (1) becomes “useful” thanks to Energy Ring

Nothing Phone 1

For those who missed something, Nothing Phone (1) debuted a few weeks ago with a brand new look for the mobile landscape: the device has a transparent cover, enriched by over 900 LED lights (look to believe) that make up the Glyph Interface. In short, a minimal smartphone that winks at style and focuses a lot on appearing. If you want "the complete package" we point out that the app Energy Ring has recently updated with the Nothing Phone support (1) and at the last OnePlus 10 Pro. But what is it?

Nothing Phone 1

For those unfamiliar with this software - we have already talked about it on several occasions - Energy Ring is an application that allows you to transform the punch hole (i.e. the hole in which the front camera is inserted) into a practical battery indicator. It is possible to customize the circular bar through so that the color changes according to the percentage of remaining charge.

In short, it is a nice way to make the photo of the selfie cam useful (a solution now overused by all smartphone manufacturers). To download the application just click on the link below: you will be redirected directly to the Play Store. We remind you that the app is free.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition | Play Store | Download

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