Moto RAZR 2022 and X30 Pro, this time it's official: new date and there's a surprise!

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A few hours after the launch of the new top range Moto RAZR 2022 e X30 Pro (Edge 30 Ultra), Motorola has decided to cancel the presentation event. News that for the experts of the sector is certainly surprising, given that no anomalous situation was noted in this regard and therefore, in this article, we try to understand more.

0 update8/08: Motorola officially confirms the new release date of Moto RAZR 2022 and X30 Pro, complete with a new smartphone to compose a trio of presentations. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

Moto RAZR 2022 and Moto X30 Pro / Edge 30 Ultra: why did Motorola cancel the launch event?

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Motorola's choice to cancel the event for the two smartphones is certainly sensational, precisely because until a few hours before the brand, as well as its General Manager, were intent on promoting the latest features before presenting the leaflet Moto RAZR 2022 and the first device with 200 MP camera, namely Motorcycle x30 pro o Edge30 Ultra in a Global key.

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The reasons were unfortunately not provided, but only an apology to those who have shown an important interest in what could be the line up of the definitive relaunch of a brand that has made history. The hypothesis that is circulating is the geopolitical question not poco delicate which is happening now between China e USA about Taiwan, but it is obviously not certain, although it may be quite credible. Another reason could be some indisposition of key characters of the brand, but in general we are groping in the dark today.

Motorola, for the time being, has limited itself to recommending that they continue to monitor Weibo official channels of the brand, so as to retrieve new information for these smartphones that will therefore be launched, but now we no longer know when, since there are no new dates. In any case, let's imagine that the company can still bring them to the ad market August 2022, in order not to miss important trains.

Check out a new date for Motorola's event | Update 04/08


Motorola wasn't the only Chinese brand to postpone its launch event. OnePlus has also temporarily canceled the debut of the new one AcePro, but it was luckier than its rival since the Global event dedicated to the model 10T it was held despite everything. At the moment we do not know officially when they will be launched Moto RAZR 2022 and the top of the range X30 Pro, however, a suspicious date has cropped up.

The two devices appeared in the well-known Chinese store JD, often the preferred sales platform for various devices. Here is the date ofAugust 11th, 2022 and could indicate the start of pre-orders: consequently the launch event could be held either on the same day or poco Before. In short, certainly news will come soon!

Motorola, the brand confirms: unified launch and sale | Update 05/08

motorola moto razr 2022 edge 30 ultra sale 05/08

Great excitement in the house Motorola to give a concrete date to the launch of the new flagships. After the postponement and the arrival of the two devices on, the brand wanted to reassure users by explaining that yes, the supply has actually arrived at the online store and in offline retailers, so we are practically running out.

By the way, the General Manager announced that launch and sale will coincide with the same day. Therefore, it is very likely that theAugust 11th, 2022 is the date indicated, given that there had already been rumors of a sale starting from that date. In short, Motorola has finally found a way to fix things, without having to wait for more difficult months in the placement.

Motorola will launch three smartphones on the new date: S30 Pro also arrives | Update 08/08

motorola moto razr 2022 x30 pro edge 30 ultra event canceled 08/08

After a few days of uncertainty, Motorola finally takes the step and formalizes the new release date for Moto RAZR 2022 e X30 Pro / Edge 30 Ultra. In fact, what was secretly leaked previously was confirmed, namely that 11 August 2022 would be the propitious date. But there is something new: in fact, Motorola will present not two but three smartphones. This is because there will also be Moto S30 Pro, which should come to us as Edge 30 Neo. In short, a really rich dish for a brand that will finally be able to build a really strong catalog compared to its competitors.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that if you want to know more about the two smartphones you will find all the details in ours insights, one dedicated to folding and one for the flagship.

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