Kwumsy K1 review: keyboard with 12,6 "touch display

La Kwumsy K1 it is a very special product. It is one of those products that it is difficult to think about before having seen them, but of which in the end it is difficult to do without. And the reason is simple: it is a keyboard with a scissor mechanism, enriched by a 12.6 ”touch display that runs along its entire length. And, you know, when it comes to additional displays and keyboards, especially for the most nerdy, different bulbs turn on.

And this is why my curiosity to try it was so much because, especially considering the particular ratio of the additional screen and its positioning, I immediately wondered what could be the real benefits of such a system, in addition to the fact that it is a a decidedly innovative product (on paper). But the question is simple: who is such a product aimed at?

Kwumsy K1 review: mechanical keyboard with 12,6 "touch display

Design and materials

33,4 cm long and 21 cm high Kwumsy K1 it is made with a rather large and flat design. The keys are positioned in the lower part of the structure, while the upper one is dedicated to the display. In a nutshell, the aluminum alloy structure (which in total weighs poco more than 2 kg) has been divided into two distinct, very pleasant-looking sections.

On the lower part two feet have been positioned to change the angle of the keyboard, together with various rubber pads with which the whole structure will remain anchored to the surface where it is placed, avoiding slipping or vibrations. On the back, then, a USB-C port has been positioned, which is flanked by two USB-A ports: the first will be used for connection to the PC or notebook, provided that the computer to which it is connected is able to guarantee 4w of output power (5v at 800 mA).

Review kwumsy k2 keyboard display monitor additional integrated windows mac touch price features

As for the keyboard, we're talking about a 98-key scissor-mechanism keyboard, which also includes a numeric keypad. The screen, on the other hand, is covered with a layer of glossy glass which, however, tends to suffer a little from fingerprints: being a touch surface, you will often find yourself having to clean it.

The keys are backlit with RGB LEDs which, given the mechanism of the keys themselves, are not very noticeable especially in conditions of high brightness, but which in the dark guarantee a very spectacular effect, especially thanks to the rather bright display.

How it works and quality of the panel

As for the keyboard, there is poco to say. Not everyone is a lover of the scissor mechanism, it is true, and given the high number of keys inserted in a rather compact structure, to get used to writing with the Kwumsy K1 it will take a bit 'of time. However, the company also produces a variant with the mechanical keyboard and without the numeric keypad: a solution in my opinion optimal, especially considering the relationship between available space and key size. But it is not on the "keys" factor that I want to dwell on, but on the quality of the display and its real usefulness.

Review kwumsy k2 keyboard display monitor additional integrated windows mac touch price features

La Kwumsy K1 integrates a 12.6-inch display that covers practically half of its structure. It is an IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 x 515 pixels, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a contrast ratio of 1200: 1, able to guarantee a good brightness but which is clearly designed for use in environments. closed. The glass layer that protects it is of the glossy type, so it suffers from reflections, while the color accuracy is quite good, even if the white balance tends slightly to cold tones. The latency time is approximately 25 ms.

Review kwumsy k2 keyboard display monitor additional integrated windows mac touch price features

Obviously, this is not a display designed to guarantee color accuracy suitable for photo editing or video editing, but considering that it is a high-efficiency panel that consumes less than 4w, I would say that qualitatively we are on the right path. However, what must be kept in mind is its relationship. We are talking about an additional "dry and long" display, with which I find it more sensible to place application windows side by side rather than running them in full screen: with YouTube or Neftlix for example, playing a video in full screen will produce large sidebands black.

Review kwumsy k2 keyboard display monitor additional integrated windows mac touch price features

The viewing angles are good, even the fact of not being able to adjust the inclination of the screen could lead to a slightly more uncomfortable use. I would have liked to see any mechanism thanks to which the display section could have been tilted, in such a way as to be able to guarantee a more comfortable position of use, especially considering that it is a touch panel.

La Kwumsy K1 it is also compatible with both Mac OS and Windows, but the methods of use change. With PCs, for example, the touch panel will always work, while with Apple systems, things change a bit: to make the touch surface work, you will first need to move the mouse pointer to the desktop of the external display, to then be able to use it.

Selling price and conclusions

There is no doubt that the Kwumsy K1 is one of the weirdest and most ingenious gadgets I've tested in recent years. It is a product that could be misleading due to its "uselessness" but which, after using it, makes its meaning clearly understood. It is a good keyboard, which solves a very common problem for many people: the limits of the workspace.

Review kwumsy k2 keyboard display monitor additional integrated windows mac touch price features

Its real limit could be the price: it costs 359 dollars, about 350 euros with the current exchange rate, but there is no doubt that it is a unique product of its kind that could be designed not only for those who work, but perhaps also for gamers who could take advantage of the additional display for chat controls during a stream, and leave the game exclusively on the main screen.

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