iQOO 10 Pro, record charging: this is how fast the 200W is

iqoo 10 pro charging 200w antutu benchmark test

Already at its presentation, IQOO 10 PRO it turned out to be a smartphone with many qualities, but it is his recharge which, of course, makes a difference. The first smartphone with a 200W however he needed some tests to understand the power and for this there is AnTuTu, which showed us the disparity between this model and other smartphones with very fast charging.

Upgrade 01 / 08: new tests show us in more detail the power of the 200W charging of the iQOO 10 Pro. Find all the details in the article.

iQOO 10 Pro, total recharge in less than 10 minutes in AnTuTu tests

iqoo 10 pro charging 200w antutu 2 benchmark test

The benchmark platform has published the ranking of smartphones that charge faster on the market. The evaluation process is quite meticulous, with certain temperature and charging conditions of the smartphones, analyzed with the POWER-Z KM002C test tool. Among other things, smartphones sold on the market are used with their chargers that we find in the packages or sold separately.

In the case of the iQOO 10 Pro, it turns out to be extremely fast in charging, with the battery going from 5% to 100% in just 9 minutes and 48 seconds. Thanks to the compatible GaN charger, the top of the range iQOO manages to go to 28% in just 2 minutes, to 62% in 5 minutes and finally from 0% to 100% in 11 minutes. It should be mentioned that, according to the tests conducted by the Chargerlab team, the maximum charging power that the smartphone is able to receive would be around 178W.

It is interesting to note that the competitors are not found immediately after the new flagship of the sub-brand vivo, but from the third position onwards. In fact, the runner-up is IQOO 9 PRO with its 120W, a sign of how much the company has worked on. Moving on to the rivals, the first to follow is Black Shark 5, which fully recharges in 14 minutes and 53 seconds, also with a 120W. Among the other rivals we find in fifth place Red Magic 7s Pro with 15 minutes and 28 seconds (recharge a 135W). Curious that Realm GT Neo 3, despite charging a 150W, is slower, as it recharges in 16 minutes and 56 seconds.

In short, IQOO 10 PRO seems to have set new standards for smartphone charging, but will other brands dare to bring this power to their devices as well? The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will tell us everything, but it is very likely that vivo can remain the only one to hold this power, as for it iQOO is an experimental brand for flagship technologies.

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