Google Pixel Tablet could present an absolute novelty of Android 13

Google Pixel Tablet Android build 64 bit leak

Apparently, Google would currently stand testing a 64-bit version of Android 13 on a device codenamed “Tangor”. It would be the first Pixel tablet, a device that the Mountain View giant already has shown in preview at the annual I / O conference and which we hear about more and more often.

Google Pixel Tablet could be the first device with 13-bit Android 64

Google Pixel Google Pixel Tablet Android build 64 bit leak could present an absolute novelty of Android 13

According to the source, the first tablet brand pixel could debut with a 64-bit build of Android 13. This should reduce RAM usage and thus ensure better performance, but it also means the device it will not be able to run any 32-bit app. In some tweet later, however, the source clarifies that the lack of support for 32-bit apps should not have to be a problem: from August 2019, in fact, Google Play it would have required developers to update their application code with 64-bit versions.

If the Google Pixel Tablet actually debuts a 64-bit version of Android 13, it will be among the first Android devices to give up 32-bit support. At the moment, however, these are nothing more than rumors and it is not certain that the tablet in question can really offer a 64-bit build. There is ample chance that Google is actually using this build for internal testing only. Meanwhile, remember that Apple switched to 64-bit only support of its operating system a full five years ago, with iOS 11.
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