Google allows you to test its "sentient" artificial intelligence

how to try artificial intelligence lamda 2 google

During the event Google I/O in May, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the US giant would open the doors for beta users to try TheMDA 2, L 'artificial intelligence which has been talked about a lot in the last period about the possibility that it was sentient. Are you curious to have a conversation with this particular AI? So here's how to sign up for the beta!

Google opens its doors to users to try LaMDA 2, the artificial intelligence mistaken for "sentient"

how to try artificial intelligence lamda 2 google

After the promises come the facts: if you are passionate about AI or just curious, you can now register to get beta access to TheMDA 2. As we have already mentioned at the beginning, it is an artificial intelligence of Google made famous by some recent events. A Big G engineer claimed that AI was sentient and that the US tech giant had "covered up" it.

Blake Lemoine he was among the people involved in the LaMDA project, which deals with the development of an artificial intelligence dedicated to language. To be more precise, it is an interface dedicated to the technology of conversazione, a very advanced AI chatbot capable of having complex dialogues thanks to the linguistic models on which it is based. To find out more about LaMDA and what happened, take a look at ours deepening.

How to sign up for the LaMDA beta (and what it consists of)

how to try artificial intelligence lamda 2 google

Beta access to LaMDA 2 will allow you to access various demos that showcase the capabilities of AI. The official website explains that there will be three tests.

  • Imagine It - will allow you to assign a name to a place and LaMDA will create virtual paths for us to “explore” (based on imagination);
  • List It - it will allow you to name an objective or a topic and the AI ​​will take care of breaking it down into lists of secondary activities;
  • Talk About It (Dogs Edition) - you can have a free conversation with LaMDA but it doesn't matter what you talk about as the AI ​​will always be able to bring the topic to the topic of "dogs".

We could never have a section dedicated to canines and kittens? Seriously, this is an opportunity to test the capabilities of Google's artificial intelligence focused on processing the language natural.

Sentient artificial intelligence

Unfortunately, the beta is currently only open to a few Android users in the US. However registration via the dedicated portal it is open to everyone and allows you to choose both your country and your preferred platform (between Android and iOS). You can register for enter the waiting list, hoping that the trial will also be open to other countries in the coming weeks.

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