BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro review: the beat is strong

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Whether it's having an audio system on your desk or having your own music while on vacation and you don't want to use headphones, it's important to have a proper sound box. And that's what proved to be the Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro, protagonist of this review: but in what will it have affected us?

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro Review | Bluetooth speaker

Package Contents

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The packaging of the Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro it's very simple, but with everything you need to use the device. In fact, we find a shoulder strap to carry it, a charging cable USB Type-C and a AUX cable.

Design and materials

The chest BlitzWolf it is quite robust and with reinforced textures in the look. The materials used are divided between polycarbonate, silicone and aluminum, which between the various subwoofers, the side LEDs and all the components brings us a weight of over two and a half kilos. However, this does not make it difficult to wear. Convenient IPX5 certification.

Functions and audio quality

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Before understanding how the speaker sounds BW-WA3 Pro, we must start from its functions and characteristics. Let's start from the fact that they are present physical keys on the upper part, so you don't have to worry that the touch may not find the required control. Among these, we find an excellent system of equalization, but also the TWS mode to create stereo sound. As for connectivity, this is complete because, in addition to Bluetooth, we find that USB, MicroSD e AUX, so there is really plenty of choice and in Bluetooth we found a very stable connection.

Moving on to the audio part, it must be said that we are satisfied. THE 120W totals that we are facing are well distributed thanks to four tweeters present, two for high frequencies and two for low frequencies. Just i bassi are the strong point of this box, which defends itself very well in some musical genres. Equalization helps if you choose to listen to a podcast or where the voice is dominant. Not bad too3D equalization which gives the audio spatiality, although perhaps it is better to use it in TWS mode. Very nice that i LED RGB go to the rhythm of music or voice, they give an interesting sense of celebration.


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The autonomy side is certainly very interesting to analyze. Not so much because the battery gives 16.000 mAh guarantees up to 15 hours consecutive listening, but because you can use the speaker as a power bank for our smartphone. Nothing over the top in terms of charging, but in extreme cases while you're out and about, that's just fine.

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro Review - Price and Conclusions

So what to say in conclusion to this review? To close the whole discussion, we need to talk about the price of this Bluetooth speaker. The BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro the poco under € 90 on the store Banggood (shipped from Europe in pre-order) and is proposed as a device aimed at festive contexts or in any case devoted to a little more lively fun. The bass is really powerful and therefore for those who appreciate this type of sound it can have bread for their teeth. We leave you the link to the purchase, below: if you do not view it correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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