Apple may soon bring advertisements to the Maps app

Apple Maps advertisements leak

Apple is working hard to make the app Map a more advanced alternative to Google Maps. Often, however, to work hard it also means looking at your rival, understanding what his offer is and “borrowing” some ideas in an attempt to improve his own. Apparently, however, we do not always look at the features and options most appreciated by users. But also to those that most can generate income for the company itself. And, sadly for users, it looks like Apple is going for it too bring advertisements into Maps, just as it has been happening on Google Maps for some time.

Apple may introduce Maps advertising very soon

Apple Maps advertisements leak

We know that the Cupertino giant has long been looking for new ways to generate revenue, and these ways could also include the introduction of advertisements on a range of products. Now, according to the source, Apple is thinking of introducing advertisements inside the app Map, and the novelty could debut in the next few months. But how will Apple's advertising work?

Not in the form of a banner. Rather, the tech giant could allow companies to buy the best slots: this way, when users search for a certain restaurant, for example, the businesses of the companies that bought it advertising slot will displayed in the first results as announcements. 

Apple Maps advertisements leak

This is a feature that Google Maps has been offering for some time and now, apparently, Apple is accelerating work to bring it to its satellite navigation application as well.

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