AOVO M365 Pro is the e-Scooter for getting around the city: light, foldable, fast and economical!

AOVO M365 Pro electric scooter August offer

You are looking for a electric scooter with which to move comfortably and quickly in the city? AOVO M365 Pro could be the right solution: light, foldable and resistant, with this e-Scooter you can travel to 25 km/h and get to your destination quickly, whether it's going to the supermarket, university or office. Now, then, buying the scooter is even more convenient than ever, thanks to the incredible dedicated offer. Let's find out the details!

AOVO M365 Pro is the perfect electric scooter for those who want to get around the city comfortably and quickly

AOVO M365 Pro electric scooter August offer

The electric scooter AOVO M365 Pro it is perfect for small urban trips: it is equipped with a 350 W and can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, while its 10.4 Ah battery offers a maximum range of 35 km.

This e-Scooter features a design waterproof, resistant e light. It can be folded and therefore easily transported with you on means of transport or by car, when you want to take it on vacation. AOVO M365 Pro is equipped with tires from 8.5" able to effectively absorb shocks and vibrations and then offers three different speed levels, mind the braking system a double brake (electric front and rear disc) ensures safe braking.

AOVO M365 Pro electric scooter August offer

The electric scooter then presents a small LCD screen showing various information, including battery status and travel speed, while the presence of a powerful Lighthouse provides to illuminate the darkest paths.

As anticipated, AOVO M365 Pro it can be bought on offer at a super price by applying the dedicated discount code. Below you will find the link to the purchase: if you don't see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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