AOVO M365: the electric scooter to travel comfortably and peacefully in the city

AOVO M365 electric scooter August offer

Not long ago we told you about AOVO M365 Pro, for an good electric scooter with which to move around the city. Today, however, we want to talk to you about his younger brother, a cheaper but equally complete solution for those looking for a reliable electric scooter to move faster and freely around the city.

AOVO M365 is the electric scooter for getting around the city comfortably and quietly

AOVO M365 electric scooter August offer

AVO M365 is an electric scooter equipped with a 350W, and offers a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The scooter features a compact and resistant body, designed to withstand scratches, bumps and falls and to be carried with you in the car or on means of transport, being foldable. The wheels from 8.5" ensure a strong grip and are coated with a material anti-slip, making them suitable for multiple types of roads; while the double brake electronic and disc brake ensures safe and precise braking.

AOVO M365 electric scooter August offer

The electric scooter then delivers three different speed modes, while the 7.8 Ah battery ensures a maximum autonomy of 20 km. Then there is a small LCD display which shows various information, such as battery status and speed. If you are interested, AVO M365 can be purchased at a discounted price thanks to the dedicated coupon code. Below you will find the link to purchase: if you do not see the boxes below correctly, try to disable AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE for € 2.90

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