ZTE Blade A72 5G review: for ONLY 149 € you shouldn't UNDERESTIMATE it

Although online commerce is always in constant growth, there are a number of users and consumers still accustomed to human contact, to the advice of the expert in the electronics department or to the opinion of the tea shop near the house: that's right, they are equally agree with this view of things, but I am convinced that good basic information is essential.

I made this introduction to introduce you to it ZTE Blade A72 5G, a smartphone that you practically hear about poco and nothing online, and which is one of the best-selling devices with some telephone companies here in Italy, combined with advantageous tariff plans. I'll explain why you should buy it, and why not do it.

ZTE Blade A72 5G review

Design and Materials

I have to admit, when I picked it up I thought I went back a few years considering the touch and feel I had with the knurled back cover here, but this definitely takes a back seat when you find out the selling price of the device. . ZTE Blade A72 5G is built in polycarbonate on the back and in aluminum along the side frame, is large 164.1 x 75.5 x 9.2mm e weighs 182 grams, it has a grip and in everyday use it makes you love it due to the perfect comfort of use with one hand.

It is certainly not a smartphone with a unique and exclusive design, but the market segment that interests us let's say that it looks after the substance, more than the appearance and this ZTE perfectly embodies this philosophy. For the rest it is a very simple device, on the back we find the slightly protruding camera bump that houses three cameras, while on the sides, starting from the right, there is the sensor biometric integrated in the power button that works quite well (but remains uncomfortable for left-handed people, as always) and the volume rocker, while on the left there is the hybrid SIM cart that can also accommodate a MicroSD to expand the memory.

Below is the USB-C connector for charging, flanked by the legendary 3.5mm headphone jack, the microphone and a mono-only speaker. At the top, instead, ZTE has left room for the second microphone for noise suppression. Absent, alas, certification IP68.


ZTE Blade A72 5G has a screen with a diagonal of 6.51 "inches with HD + 720 × 1600 resolution of IPS matrix, a panel that to (my) surprise also has a refresh rate up to 90Hz, a feature not to be taken for granted in this price range.

However, beyond the technical specifications, this screen has good colors and good visibility in sunlight: what it lacks, you may have guessed, is the screen resolution not among the highest available in this price range. , but unless you're coming from devices with more resolute displays, you probably won't even realize it. A small sore point, however, lies in the viewing angles that could have been slightly better. For the rest good quality and good options to be able to adjust the color temperature of the screen.

The hand of ZTE, which I respect very much, is evident.

Hardware and Performance

The choice of hardware, on the other hand, fell on Mediatek, specifically the Dimension 700 MT6833, an Octa-Core CPU that we know very well by now and we have already seen on several smartphones on the market including many Redmi or even Realme. ZTE, therefore, is on the safe side and completes the technical part of this Blade A72 5G with a RAM of well 4GB (virtually expandable with 2GB extra) and an internal storage of 128GB further expandable with MicroSD.

As anticipated poco ago, this hardware present on the ZTE Blade A72 5G it is a solution already seen on even more expensive products, and with this product the company has shown all its interest in wanting to forcefully introduce itself into a price range that is highly sought after by consumers.

This is to tell you that the smartphone, contrary to expectations, works well and does not suffer from any kind of problem, also because theinterface of ZTE has been lightened on this smartphone that runs perfectly in everyday tasks.

To be meticulous it should be said, to be fair, that in some scenarios such as games, for example, it may take a few more moments to load the interface, but it is definitely tolerable considering the price at which the smartphone is sold; Once the games are started, however, there are no lags or slowdowns and, indeed, Call of Duty Mobile it is also performed in high graphic details with a framerate stable at 60 fps.

In daily operations, however, the multitasking it is fast and even with many applications open the smartphone does not miss a beat; the only note is the notifications, which in some cases you may lose if you do not unlock or use the smartphone for a while, a classic problem that is seen on devices in this price range, even if it is only a management of the RAM via software.


The software, as I anticipated, is based on Android 11 with security patches updated to March 2022, with interface myOS of ZTE in version 11. At a graphic level it is a well-finished software but not extremely personalized, and I personally consider this a positive aspect.

Optimization is good on all fronts, the system runs well and is reliable. The Widevine L1 certification is missing, there is parental control, compatibility with Android Auto and a few other goodies of thickness.


The photographic part was a surprise: of course, don't expect to be in front of a new phantasmagoric cameraphone for less than 200 euros, but for the price range the results are very good, but let's proceed in order.

ZTE has included three cameras on board, the first from 13MP f / 2.2, the second 2MP f / 2.4 macro and third depth from 2MP f / 2.4; the lens selfie is 5MP f / 2.2 and, as you may have guessed, it is absent the ultra-wide angle lens, a choice that is always questionable but rather widespread in price ranges like this one.

The photographic results are good with photos taken during the day and with good light, there is not a very high level of detail but on the other hand from 13MP it is impossible to bring out better; good shutter speed and focus, a little less the various optimizations related to the bokeh not among the most precise, and the HDR a little dancer.

Acceptable and discreet photographs at night, there is a special mode optimized for taking photographs in the dark and I absolutely recommend that you use it because it allows you to obtain considerably superior results.

The results of the selfie camera are sufficient, even here there is a not very high definition but overall the shots are certainly usable; a little less convincing the selfie videos, whose quality is not the best. THE videofinally, they are made in FullHD to 30fps from the rear lens, the quality follows the lines of what was said for the photos, so a little noise and a not very high definition.


The flagship of devices like this is undoubtedly the battery life: ZTE has included one battery from 4000 mAh aboard this Blade A72 5G which supports the top up at 10W and guarantees coverage of the whole day, even stressful, with over 30% remaining at the end of the evening.

Price, considerations and alternatives

The list price of ZTE Blade A72 is equal to 179,90€ but it is on offer almost everywhere for only € 149,90, a very interesting price range that allows "basic" users to enter the world of smartphones and do so with a cutting-edge device, with a processor of latest generation and, above all, with compatibility with 5G networks, which are expanding rapidly in our area.

The only renunciation? Perhaps the camera, but in this price range, and I am referring to figures not exceeding 150 euros, it is practically impossible to find better, I can assure you.

What can you buy as an alternative? With similar hardware, but with a slightly different design, you could evaluate the Realme 8 5G or a Motorola Moto G5 Plus, but the level is pretty much the same.


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