Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC: which one to choose?

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC

What we propose today is simply a clash between little titans, on occasion of the launch of the new Band 7 Pro (presented together with the devices of the 12S range). Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC vs Band 6: four smartbands of the same series and an in-depth study to find out which fitness tracker is best suited to your needs, which ones are differences (in terms of specifications, features and price) e which choose to be more than satisfied!

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC: what are the differences and which one to choose

Design, display and style

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC
Band 7 Pro

The starting point of our comparison is the design: a clash of looks between Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6/6 NFC. The latest incarnation of the Xiaomi fitness tracker is the 7 Pro model, a device that changes the cards on the table compared to what has been seen with all previous versions. The style is completely renewed and the design comes dangerously close to that of a smartwatch: those looking for the usual "capsule" body and small size will be disappointed. On the other hand, those who aim for novelty and love upheavals will find it very well, also by virtue of the technical innovations. In addition toAlways-On Display we finally have the double miracle: both the sensor for the brightness automatic and the GPS integrated! Do I dream or am I awake?

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro vs Band 7 vs Band 6 NFC
Band 7

The Band 7 instead continues with the classic style capsule, although the size of the panel increases compared to the previous generation. The Always-On Display is introduced (so far always absent) and the larger screen allows you to view more details. The Italian version lacks NFC while in China two variants have been launched (with and without).

As for Xiaomi Band 6 NFC we have a larger display than the previous chapter, support for contactless payments and the presence of Alexa. Both this and the model 7 adopt the same style, but the newer version houses an enlarged screen and some improvements.

Specifications compared: Xiaomi Band 7 vs Band 7 Pro vs Band 6 NFC

For those who love to have all the details at a glance, here is a practical diagram that summarizes all the specifications and main features of the latest Xiaomi Bands!

Xiaomi Band 7 ProXiaomi Band 7Xiaomi Band 6 NFC
Display1.64 ″ 456 x 280 pixel AMOLED touch unit, 326 PPI

Always-On Display
1.62 ″ 490 x 192 pixel AMOLED touch unit, 326 PPI

Always-On Display
1.56 ″ 486 x 152 pixel AMOLED touch unit, 326 PPI
Dimensions:11 mm thick, 20.5 grams of weight12.25 mm thick, 13.5 grams of weight12.7 mm thick, 12.8 grams of weight
SensorsAccelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, optical PPG sensor (heart activity, SpO2, sleep, stress)Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, optical PPG sensor (heart activity, SpO2, sleep, stress)Accelerometer, gyroscope, PPG optical sensor (heart activity, SpO2, sleep, stress)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.0
GPSPresent (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS)Not presentNot present
NFCPresentOptional (available both with and without NFC, the Global version does not have it, at least for now)Optional (available both with and without NFC)
Voice assistantPresent (XiaoAI, via built-in microphone)Present (XiaoAI) China version, not present in Global versionPresent (Alexa, via built-in microphone), NFC version only
Battery235 mAh180 mAh125 mAh
Autonomy12 days of standard use, 6 days of heavy use14 days of standard use12 days of standard use
Memory (storage)Not presentNot presentNot present
StrapTPU, Replaceable, proprietary dockingTPU, Replaceable, proprietary dockingTPU, Replaceable, proprietary docking
impermeability5 ATM5 ATM5 ATM
Sports modeOver 117 sportsOver 110 sportsOver 30 sports
Women's cycle trackerPresentPresentPresent

Our reviews

In addition to a comparison between specifications and design, even one review it can be useful as an aid to choose the smartband that is right for you between Xiaomi Band 7 Pro, Band 7 standard and Band 6 NFC. Here are the ones made by us at GizChina.it.



How to pay with the Xiaomi Band 6 NFC even with unsupported banks - DEEPENING

Price comparison: which one to choose between Xiaomi Band 7, Band 7 Pro, Band 6 NFC and Band 6 standard?

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 discount code

Have you weighed all the pros and cons of each individual band and now is the time to come to terms with the wallet? In this section we compare the selling price Xiaomi Band 7 vs Band 7 Pro vs Band 6 vs Band 6 NFC. Below you will find the various list prices.

  • Band 7 (Italy) - 59.99€
  • Band 7 Pro (China) - 399 yuan (around € 57 at current exchange rates)
  • Band 6 (Italy) - 44.99€
  • Band 6 NFC (Italy) - 54.99€

We point out directly those that are currently the best deals, both from Amazon and from some Chinese stores. In this way you can make your choice based on the street price of each model.

  • Xiaomi Band 7 Global drops to 38.8 € with the HEKKAAFMIB7 coupon (Free shipping from China) - PURCHASE LINK
  • Xiaomi Band 7 NFC (China) drops to 54 € with the GIZIT coupon (shipping from CHINA 11.6 €) - PURCHASE LINK

If you prefer maximum savings, then here is a super price for the Band 6 in the NFC version, with shipping direct from Europe. This is then followed by the standard Band 6, available at a discount on Amazon (obviously with Prime shipping). If you don't see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE - Payment with PayPal

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