Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will have the most awaited function of all: confirmation arrives

xiaomi band 7 pro

In a few we will see the great Xiaomi revolution, with many innovations designed to leave their mark. There series 12S it will be the first in collaboration with Leica while the new ones Book Pro will be equipped with the best screen ever (for a Xiaomi notebook). In addition, there will also be a welcome return: the fitness tracker of Lei Jun's house will return in a top version, like Xiaomi Band 7 Pro, now complete with GPS integrated!

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro with integrated GPS: finally the step forward has been made

xiaomi band 7 pro

The confirmation came via an official poster, a few hours after the launch event (set for 4 July). The base model brought the Always-On Display with it but there are still various shortcomings. These include satellite location, automatic screen brightness and the ability to take advantage of Bluetooth calls. Certainly the GPS integrated is the most awaited feature by the most "sporty" users: Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will be able to count on this feature, as confirmed by the company itself.

xiaomi band 7 pro

In this way it will be possible to exploit the device for the position accurate, without the need to have your smartphone with you. For now, details regarding auto brightness and BT calls are lacking, but already having GPS is a big step forward. Obviously we also expect the presence of NFC for payments, since it is still a Pro model (therefore premium, ergo full).

To find out all the details on this and the other Xiaomi news, you just have to wait a few more hours for the official event (to be held in China).

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