The comparison between ALL of Honor's smartphones of 2022: WHICH to buy and WHY?

Since when Huawei stumbled upon Ban, a story we know well by now, Honor, its "rib" brand, has launched an ever-increasing number of products, a bit certainly also to make up for the ultra-established presence of Huawei which, despite everything, has remained on the market all over the world but the loss of a few percentage points in the market share that it had conquered over the years was inevitable.

Speaking Honor, this first half of 2022 has been full of smartphone announcements and presentations, many products suitable for all budgets and other elite products certainly not for everyone. I have tried them all and, in this one sea ​​of ​​devices, I'm ready to give you some suggestions on which Honor's smartphone of this 2022 is best suited to your needs.

The video comparison of all the smartphones of Honor of 2022

Are you a Basic user?

Stop, stop: don't be offended. When I speak of base user, I mean the kind of person who does not have a particular affinity with the smartphone, and really uses it exclusively for his vital functions and at most to take pictures in some specific conditions. Here, if smartphone isn't one of your main concerns, there are a few products from Honor's 2022 range that can do for you.

Honor X7

The first is Honor X7, a smartphone that makes the price its real workhorse. We have already talked about it on our channels, and it is, in essence, an entry-level smartphone capable of meeting the needs of the typical basic user: on board there is a Snapdragon 680 Octa-Core, flanked by an Adreno GPU 610, a RAM memory equal to 4GB and a storage of 128GB; incidentally, it is the only Honor of this 2022 to be in possession of a specification of great importance for many, the hybrid slot capable of accommodating a MicroSD, keep this in mind.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0007

Honor X7 is a smartphone that has practically everything necessary required on board a product of this generation: it is equipped with a biometric sensor in the side button, it still has the 3.5mm jack and, above all, it is equipped with a 6.74 "inch screen with high refresh rate up to 90Hz which helps to make the user experience smoother, despite the fact that the supplied hardware is not among the fastest ever. In addition, a very important aspect, there is a large battery on board from 5000 mAh, which on the one hand ensures exceptional autonomy and, often, exceeds the day of use, on the other hand, on the other hand, increases the weight to poco less than 200 grams which, to tell the truth, are felt in your pocket. Its selling price? List price are € 209,90, but it can often be found on offer, like right now, for only € 189,90. To keep under control.


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Add € 1.9 to receive the Honor Band 6!

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Honor X8

If there is one detail for which, personally, I would be willing to spend a few tens of euros more when buying a smartphone, this is definitely the design, and Honor X8 it is one of those products that fully represents this scenario.

Compared to the Honor X7, this model presents itself with a decidedly more attractive design, it is only 7.5mm thick (against the 8.62 of the X7) and weighs only 177 grams, in addition, with its more rounded lines, it undoubtedly winks at a slightly more demanding public on the aesthetic front. As far as the technical equipment is concerned, there are few differences between these two models: both, in fact, adopt one Snapdragon 610 Octa-Core but this X8, in addition, can boast of the presence of 2GB of additional RAM, for a total of 6GB and 128GB of internal storage which, here, are not expandable.

Honor X8

The other aspect for which X8 justifies the slightly higher expense than the younger brother is undoubtedly the display; X7, in fact, has a TFT panel with only HD + resolution, while this model is a IPS LCD with FullHD + resolution. It's true, both in practical and theoretical terms there isn't a gulf of difference between the two, but faced with such a small price difference, personally, I wouldn't think twice about evaluating a more modern, brighter display ( albeit of poco) and with a centered punch hole certainly more captivating than the "drop" present on X7, but here… de gustobus!

Honor X8

Another strong difference, on paper, is in the camera: here the equipment consists of a 64MP f / 1.8 main lens while the Honor X7 has a 48MP f / 1.8 lens. Ok, the question arises: are there any differences in practice? Honestly no, or rather, not that much. It is certain that the Honor X8 turns out to be superior on some fronts, but the game must be worth the candle otherwise 30 precious euros are wasted: where is it lower than the X7? Without a doubt in terms of autonomy, where it loses 1000 mAh for a total of only 4000 mAh. Selling price? € 259,90 on offer, often, at € 229,90.


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Are you an average user?

Here too, the average user must not seem like an offense at all, also because if you fall into this range, you are certainly among the most numerous: what do I mean by "Average user"? In essence, it is almost all the users of a smartphone, that is users who use the smartphone for work, to send emails daily, to take pictures, surf on social networks and so on, by now we all know what they are able to do our smartphones.

Honor Magic 4 Lite

Honor Magic 4 Lite it is one of the devices with which Honor fits into the mid-range of the market: I start from its price, € 299, a figure that falls within the budget of many and, above all, in the most sought-after price ranges on the market.

With approximately EUR 300, therefore, you can take home a smartphone with a design with attention to the smallest details, as per Honor tradition, despite being built in plastic; weighs 189 grams and is 8mm thick, absolutely comfortable size for everyday use. To complete the aesthetic part there is a nice 6.81 "display with FullHD + resolution, the panel is of IPS LCD matrix and has a high refresh rate, albeit up to 90Hz.

The beating heart is manufactured by Qualcomm, and I refer in detail to the Snapdragon 680 Octa-Core flanked by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of non-expandable UFS 2.2 storage; ok, you say, but it has hardware similar to Honor X8 and costs almost 100 euros more. It is true, I confirm, but X8 has a lowered price on the occasion of a special offer and, in addition, it does not have a photographic sector at the height of this Magic 4 Lite which, thanks to its primary lens from 64MP f / 1.8, to the 8MP f / 2.2 wide-angle lens and the two secondary depth and macro lenses, it can guarantee photos of a certain quality in almost any context. In addition, the comparison does not hold up between the two models because X8 has an HD + TFT display while this Magic 4 Lite is equipped with a FullHD + IPS screen.

Complete the equipment well 4800 mAh of battery, also sufficient to accompany you during any type of use, from the most stressful to the most usual. It supports fast charging up to 66W but not wireless. Too bad, however, for the software since it, like almost all the products in this comparison, is only equipped with Android 11 with Magic UI 4.2.


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Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G

There are few, to tell the truth, the differences between the model I told you about poco ago and this other, its 5G version: leaving out the aesthetic aspect that does not differ in any way, Magic 4 Lite 5G has a Snapdragon 695 Octa-Core processor under the body, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, also not expandable here.

On a theoretical level, what changes with this hardware platform is the compatibility with 5G networks, as well as higher performance of about 8-10%, but this is not relevant as the perceptible differences in everyday use are practically nil.

An aspect that, on the other hand, plays in favor of this 5G variant is the : this smartphone, in fact, has a panel with the same 6.81 ”diagonal, but it improves the frequency response that goes from 90 to 120Hz, which aim to make the user experience more fluid and interesting. I would be lying if I told you not to see any differences: if you try one and the other you will realize for yourself how much just 30Hz more can make a difference.

However, the other difference, this time in the negative, is the photo gallery which features a 48MP f / 1.8 main lens, a 2MP f / 2.4 depth lens and a macro with the same specifications. The ultra wide angle is missing, which I can no longer do without it nowadays. That beats me.

The selling price? The Honor price list says 349 €, but you can easily find it on offer at around 20 euros less, right on the same Honor store.


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Honor 50

It is certainly not the latest addition, on the contrary, we tried it months ago but today it is probably the most interesting in this market segment. Strong of the official release dating back to several months ago, Honor 50 currently has a street price of only 329 euro compared to the € 529,90 requested by Honor at the time of launch, and this makes it one of the most attractive smartphones on the market in this price range.

The design of this Honor 50, given its initial price range, it is radically different from the products we have seen so far: it is always made of plastic, it is true, but it conveys a premium feeling at first glance as soon as you pick it up that will make you think that we are holding a smartphone made of glass, guaranteed. It will be the texture of the back, it will be the curved edges on the front: I don't know, I fell in love with it as soon as I had it in my hands. In addition, if you want some advice, to protect the back cover from fingerprints I recommend the Honor Code coloring, maybe a little more tamarra, I agree, but overall he looks great.

Speaking of aesthetic details, Honor 50 with its curved screen is the only one in the mid-range of the Honor house to have an OLED screen and above all to integrate the biometric sensor under the screen as well as a 2D type facial. If you are a lover of this type of technology, well among the Honor devices this is the one with the best value for money.

There is one on board Snapdragon 778 5G, Octa-Core processor which, together with the Adreno 642L and 6 / 8GB of RAM, is one of Qualcomm's most successful CPUs of the last period, able to ensure almost top-of-the-range performance, without being a top of the range ( especially at the price level). It goes without saying that a performance level is a train, it needs no introduction nor that I spend many words.

Sul photographic front you begin to glimpse the true nature of Honor: this Honor 50 in fact has a 108MP primary sensor on board capable of guaranteeing excellent shots not only in good lighting conditions, but also using the night mode with which the images produced they will always be clean, with good handling of dynamic range and well-balanced tones. The same goes for the 32MP front lens clearly above average. The 8MP ultra-wide camera is a bit subdued, but in this price range it is impossible (and I assure you) to find better.


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Are you a PRO?

When you are talking about PRO users, there is well poco to explain: you fall into this range of users if you are inseparable from your smartphone and you live in symbiosis, not only out of habit, but also really for daily use due to the large amount of things you are used to doing with it. Let's be clear, however, all the smartphones I mentioned to you, including those in the "basic" range, are able to perform all but all the daily tasks that can be requested from a smartphone without any exception.

With a very high-end smartphone, it must be said, the difference lies in the comfort of use as well as, very often, in the construction materials, in the sensations to the touch and much more.

Honor Magic 4 Pro

The high end of Honor is represented by the fantastic Magic 4 Pro, a smartphone that we have already talked about several times on our channels and which, probably, is a candidate to be one of the most interesting products so far in this 2022, especially for the photographic sector. But let's proceed in order.

honor magic 4 pro

The design is certainly not exclusive, it very much recalls the smartphones of the Mate series of Huawei, especially for the mammoth weight of 215 grams, which are absolutely not a problem given all that it is able to offer and above all how well balanced it is. In addition, contrary to all expectations, the back cover in this glossy color does not capture fingerprints, and the care that Honor has put into this is evident. In addition this is the only smartphone in the Honor range to be equipped with IP68 certification.

Among the innovations brought by Honor on its top of the range, we find first of all one 3D type face unlock and not only that: the biometric sensor under the display is ultrasonic and not optical, which ensures a practically instant response time. The other great gem is represented by the display, 6.81 ″ OLED LTPO 120Hz 2848 × 1312 pixels: is that enough or should I tell you more? The quality of the panel is exceptional and Honor has been able to improve the LTPO technology with some really interesting changes that I invite you to read in the super comprehensive review present in our pages.

honor magic 4 pro

Then there is an aspect that represents the flagship about this product, but maybe you already know what I'm talking about: the camera. The photographic sector presents a certain level of sensors, truly comparable to very few others. I tell you two numbers on the fly: 50MP f / 1.8 wide angle lens, ultra wide angle sensor also from 50MP f / 2.2, 64MP f / 3.5 periscopic telephoto lens and 12MP selfie lens with ToF 3D camera. Here there would be rivers of words to say, but in order not to be repetitive and not to fall into the banal, I invite you to look at the in-depth video by Dario where no detail of the cameras has been left to chance.

I close this little discussion onHonor Magic 4 Pro talking about the hardware with which it is equipped: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, not expandable. There is no need, even here, for too many introductions. Honor was able to insert a very "particular" processor like this one and managed to keep it at bay in terms of temperatures, probably limiting the frequencies a bit in order to safeguard the entire ecosystem: it has succeeded, without a doubt, and above all without giving up top-level performance on all fronts. Furthermore, on the software front, the company finally brings us Android 12 with Magic UI in version 6, a great leap forward absolutely essential for a top-of-the-range smartphone like this.

The price? 1299 euro list, which can become 1099€ thanks to the promotions on the Honor store which for the occasion has created truly captivating bundles to complete its smart ecosystem.


Product sold and shipped from the official store

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