Red Magic 7s Pro soon in the Global market: official date revealed

red magic 7s pro global release date

For a few hours, in China, Red Magic 7s e 7s Pro they arrived as two of the most powerful smartphones on the market, thanks to their gaming peculiarities. But now it is already time to see Red Magic 7s Pro in version Overseas hubs, that is, the one that will arrive in our market, of which the exit date.

Red Magic 7s Pro Global at the end of July: here is the release date

red magic 7s pro global 2 release date

The new top range of Nubia's gaming division takes the shape of the previous model but is renewed in terms of technical specifications and performance. In fact, he will be one of the first Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the international market, also finding once again the camera under the display, so as to leave ample space for gaming. Gaming itself has improved thanks to side triggers whose sampling rises to 520 Hz. We will then understand later if Red Magic will finally bring the recharge to 135W also for the international model of the 7s Pro.

In short, there will certainly be elements for a mobile gaming experience at maximum power. But when it arrives in the Global market Red Magic 7s Pro? The brand went out of balance by announcing that the announcement will be made next time July 26 2022, while the first sales will take place from 2 August 2022 in early bird and thereafter on a regular basis August 9th, 2022. We don't know if Nubia will also bring Red Magic 7s to us, but we'll know everything soon. In any case, we leave you thedeepening dedicated so as to know all its features.

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