Red Magic 7S Pro, the Bumblebee version continues the Transformers tradition

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A few months ago we were able to admire the Transformers version of Red Magic 7 and 7 Pro, both with the Optimus Prime model (Autobots), and with the Megatron model (Decepticon). Well, Nubia's gaming brand doesn't stop there and shows the world the version Bumblebee di Red Magic 7S Pro, which now gets seriously interesting.

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee: how is the new Transformers model made?

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To post the official images of the version Bumblebee was Red Magic itself, which therefore shows us a preview of its new top model. For those who do not remember, the launch is scheduled for theJuly 11 2022, so the brand has anticipated what we will see by several hours. But what does the special edition smartphone look like?

red magic 7s pro bumblebee transformers images features 3

Let's talk about a Red Magic 7S Pro in the form factor identical to that already seen for the "regular" version, only we find a yellow color, in fact, Bumblebee with finishes in black and steel just like the robot also protagonist of a film in 2018. However, it maintains the space to show the RGB fan, unlike the 7 Pro Optimus Prime which instead had it covered. Very nice also the equipment of the special package, with all themed accessories including charger, cable and customized cooling fan.

There is still no price, of course, for this model but now we know that we will find the special version at the official presentation. The hope is that, by presenting it together with the regular models, this will also land in Italy, which would be really interesting. In the meantime, if you want to buy the Red Magic 7 Pro Transformers, we leave you there Buying Guide, while if you want to know more about the 7S series, you will find thedeepening dedicated.

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