NIU KQi2 Pro Review: Agile and safe, it's a perfect electric scooter for the city

Those who follow the electric mobility sector will surely have heard of NIU: the brand has become quite famous for its electric scooters, sold directly in dealerships, and by poco it is also expanding in Italy with a whole series of electric scooters, cheap and otherwise.

And the NIU KQI2 Pro it is one of the new electric scooters of the brand: it is a 300w model designed mostly for "city commuters", who travel around 20/25 km daily and are very keen on safety and stability.

For some time the brand has stood out precisely for the high safety of its electric scooters, which is clearly derived from mopeds, and basically all the new models of 2022 are no less.

NIU KQi2 Pro Review: Reliable, safe and economical 300w electric scooter

Design and materials

The style of the NIU KQi2 Pro continues to follow the typical design of the company's products. From the first contact you realize that it is a model with a modern look, with a very solid structure and clearly distinguishable from the vast majority of its competitors thanks to the typical motorcycle-derived fairing and the large circular LED headlight placed at the front.

The frame is made of aerospace aluminum and, despite its great strength, NIU's electric scooter weighs only 18 kg and is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 100 kg. The good thing is that all the wiring is fully integrated, so no there are no flying wires even at the base of the handle.

Given the rather small size and weight, the NIU KQi2 Pro it is a very portable scooter, and it is very convenient both to load in the car and to take with you on public transport. The weight not too excessive then, makes it transportable without any problem even for flights of stairs or on escalators.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

Although the handlebar grips are not of the folding type, the general folding mechanism is very solid and simple to use and minimizes the wobble of the stem while riding. In short, from a structural point of view, those of NIU have done an excellent job.

But this compactness, however, has a price: to minimize the size of the scooter, the dimensions of the platform are equally small both in length and in width, which could lead to those who ride it to feel that they have to change the position of the feet often. especially on longer trips. And it is not always a convenient operation, precisely because space is rather limited.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

The grape is excellent, that is the non-slip coating that yes, it is not very easy to clean, but guarantees a good grip and can be replaced without too many problems, and also the supports for the feet at the base of the column and the rear fender which is very robust. .

At 54 cm, the handlebar is slightly longer than the competition and has enough space to place a smartphone holder. At its center then there is a small but functional display, which integrates the on-board computer: it lacks a bit in direct light visibility and allows you to check the current speed, battery level and speed mode. Unfortunately, there is no tripmeter.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

What is missing, however, are the suspensions, and on road surfaces such as those of Avellino it is an absence that after a while begins to be felt. With the NIU KQi2 Pro the absorption of shocks deriving from holes, from asphalt poco uniform, paved, is entrusted exclusively to the 10 "x 2.3" tubeless wheels which, yes, are slightly larger than average and do a good job, but certainly cannot work miracles.

Engine and brakes

To animate the NIU KQi2 Pro there is a 300w rear brushless motor with a 600w peak power, the maximum speed is limited to 25 Km / h, but given the thrust that comes from the motor I am convinced that it can go even faster without too much effort.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

This is a well-balanced configuration set quite well also with regard to acceleration, which is linear but decisive, from which, however, one cannot expect to travel too steep climbs: up to a 10% gradient, with a driver of about 80 Kg no problem, but if the weight of the person carrying it increases, or the incline increases, the engine may have to strain a little.

The interesting thing is that, through the application, you can decide to set an even lower maximum speed, so if you want to have a child carry it, you could avoid letting it reach 25 Km / h leaving it more safely.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

The braking system is also excellent and is assisted by a regenerative braking that is felt, but which is never too invasive. At the front there is a drum brake, while at the rear there is only the electronic brake, and both brakes can be managed by the single knob positioned on the left side of the handlebar.

The torque distribution is good and although it avoids that, especially at the start, the scooter tends to accelerate to the maximum immediately, it is still able to guarantee a good thrust that definitely makes you feel the power of the engine.

What is missing, however, is the zero-start. It is therefore not possible to decide to start the scooter without human push, not even through the very rich application it is equipped with.


All management of the NIU KQi2 Pro it takes place through a well-made application, which could almost be defined as a virtual “key” of the scooter. Through the app it is possible to lock the motor when parking, update the firmware of the scooter, decide the power of the regenerative braking and, above all, activate the product.

Given the excellent app, I would have liked those at NIU to have thought of any smartphone support, but all in all the company has created an app that is simple to use, very clear in its options and fast in communicating with the scooter.

The road test

The first thing to consider when driving for the first time is the NIU KQi2 Pro is that given the rear-wheel drive, you have to be a little careful at the start. However, the solution chosen by the company has several advantages: the fact that the traction is not on the wheel that steers significantly increases grip and stability on wet surfaces, and even when regenerative braking is activated, the rear position makes it less invasive.


There are 4 travel modes: e-Save (i.e. the one to save battery), Sport (the fastest), Custom (which can be set via the app) and then there is the Pedestrian mode with which you will have a assistance in pushing the scooter if it is being transported open in pedestrian areas.

The management of power delivery based on the remaining battery autonomy is also good. Many electric scooters, as well as some electric bicycles, suffer from a rather annoying problem related to these factors: when the battery is charged, the power delivered by the motor is maximum but, when it is discharged, the motor tends to prove less powerful. Well, in the NIU KQi2 Pro this problem is not present at all and, all the time, the power output of the engine seemed uniform and constant to me.

Battery life

The battery ofNIU KQi2 Pro it is a 365 Wh that works at 48v of voltage. The company declares that it is a model capable of covering 45 km on a single charge but, as we know, these numbers are estimated considering totally flat road surfaces and decidedly thin drivers.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

In my tests, I managed to pass of poco the 25 Km with a single charge and even if they might seem a lot less than what NIU declared, in reality considering the ups and downs of Avellino and my weight which is certainly not among the smallest, the performance of the battery of NIU KQi2 Pro they are in my opinion a little higher than the vast majority of electric scooters in its same price range.

Price and conclusions

The sale price of NIU KQi2 Pro is 499,00 euros and if any of you were to ask yourself if, at the same price, it is better to buy this model or an alternative (like a Xiaomi), let me be very direct: in short, it is an expensive model, but bring at home on NIU KQi2 Pro.

Niu kqi2 pro review best cheap electric scooter safe powerful discount price coupon features uk

The build quality is excellent, safety is taken care of in every detail, the price is affordable and the autonomy is sufficient for city travel. Of course, I would have liked that the company had thought of a cushioning system, but in this price range it is practically impossible to find models with the quality of the NIU KQi2 Pro also equipped with this option.

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