OPPO Enco X2 review: it was difficult to do better, but they succeeded!

oppo enco x2 review

A year ago or poco plus, we witnessed the launch of the Oppo Enco X, which we then have reviewed and they convinced us in an important way, considering them probably the best TWS headphones of the Android landscape. Then, from poco, the heirs have arrived, those Oppo Enco X2 at least call to confirm what the first ones did, but who instead made a qualitative leap despite it was difficult to do better, at least in our review.

OPPO Enco X2 review

Package Contents

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More elegant than that of the Enco X, the packaging of Oppo Enco X2 in review comes with a very nice matte silver to look at and the equipment allows us to define the complete box: in addition to the headphones, in fact, we find the charging cable, the rubbers (antibacterials) and the manuals.

Design and materials

Although they are not very far from the previous ones, the Enco X2 they have their own style change, albeit in some details. The case remains essentially the same, while losing that silver stripe that made them so iconic. For the earphones specifically, the left and right directions are included in an oval in black, which contrasts with the total white of the headset, which we think is quite elegant. THE materials, as always, they see a prevalence of polycarbonate polished, which OPPO seems to like enough.

Smart functions

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The application Hey melody (which you will not need if you have an OPPO and OnePlus smartphone) is as always very complete, since even on iOS it allows you to deeply customize commands and equalizations, including that Dynaudio, as always, fits perfectly. Touch controls are performed via haptic feedback placed on the stems and are still very precise. There is a Game Mode to reduce the delay in the headphones, but we can tell you that it is almost not needed. In video, even with the function disabled, there are no delays whatsoever.

Moving on to active noise cancellation, we can say that OPPO has done a huge job. The isolation is effective, it can be adjusted in intensity (Smart is recommended, very useful) and it is absolutely promoted. In addition to the ANC, the Bluetooth 5.2 does its part, bringing the codec to the headphones LHDC 4.0, which, however, comes later with the first update you will make.

Audio Quality - OPPO Enco X2 Review

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And from the aforementioned codec we start with the considerations regarding the audio quality of the Oppo Enco X2 in review. These headphones have top notch audio, it's hard to say more. The detail is captured in a complete way, thanks to the certification Hi-Res Wireless, so also to 24-bit / 96 KHz make the most of it. The sound is clean, the equalizations (even by default) work in an important way. As mentioned at the beginning, it was tough to do better, but OPPO played very well. Even when calling, the Enco X2s behave well, they hear us and we distinctly hear our interlocutors, thus going to have clear calls.


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On the other hand, the autonomy is in the right average of the category, since the battery modules of the earphones from 57 mAh guarantee approx 5.5 hours consecutive listening and up to 22 hours can be reached with the case from 566 mAh. We do not expect more because codecs like LHDC are energy-hungry and it is a fair autonomy.

OPPO Enco X2 Review - Price and availability

We close the review of the OPPO Enco X2 talking about the price. The price list of these headphones says €199.99, but it happens that you can also find them towards i 170 €, like now on Amazon for example. The speech, however, is very simple: if you want a really good pair of TWS headphones without going further, there is probably no alternative. We have not found real defects, because there it would go into the subjective and for these earphones it would not make sense. In any case, we leave you the link to the purchase: if you don't see it correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

Last updated the 08 / 12 / 2022 08: 55
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