iliad does not work on fixed and mobile networks: internet and call problems

Iliad down

The popular low-cost mobile provider Iliad which, recently, has also entered the market for fiber, is suffering in the last hours of today 2 July a widespread disruption to both the fixed network and the mobile network with multiple problems that are affecting the whole of Italy.

As highlighted above Downdetector, but also from our editorial staff with tests on private lines, it is impossible to make calls to third party numbers and to the same 177.

Iliad: internet and voice services down, problems throughout Italy

Furthermore, network connectivity is fluctuating or totally absent. Serious connection problems for Iliad that do not allow you to send messages on WhatsApp o Telegram except after a long wait. Impossible the Gaming or the streaming video content from platforms such as Netflix, Disney + o Prime Video. We don't think this is a problem DNS as even calls from both smartphones and landlines have serious problems of quality and instability.

Why does Iliad not work and it goes slow?

We have opened a report and the operators, after a delay of over 10 minutes, they confirmed that the disservice is nationwide and involves both mobile customers and fixed line customers as anticipated. The nature of the problems Iliad as of today it has not yet been ascertained therefore there are no do-it-yourself solutions to be prepared in the meantime.

All that remains is to wait for updates on the matter to understand how soon the problem will be back, which could also last for the whole weekend.

If you find the inefficiencies reported in this article please let us know in the comments also indicating the region and the city of origin.

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